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How can I understand by looking at the buyer's request that he is really a buyer?


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The thing to remember is that when you send a BR, yours is probably one of a few thousand any given Buyer receives.

Chances are that the offers being made are going to be both better and not better than yours.

I find BRs are a waste of time.

However, other Sellers have success with them.

Don’t give up.

Just remember there are a few million Fiverr members.

That makes getting any work here difficult.

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You learn the clues after a while of who is likely to be after a good solution nd those who are only there to steal.

But, Mr Ink is very correct that in most cases BR are a bag or moldy beans that will never grow. Right now I am at 660 BR sent for 9 poorly paid jobs (all with 5-Stars). A few more responded but usually very poorly or impolitely.

I think easily half of BR are Resellers who have bought the job elsewhere for a stupid price and now want to find someone even more clueless than they are to do it for less. Try to avoid these like the plague they are as they will burn you more often than not. Signs are: stupid requests, being unwilling/unable to tell you anything about the project or even what they need, and if you research, you find they sell the very service that they are coming to you for!


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