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Found 15 results

  1. Have you encountered buyers who just chat and waste your time and never place an order? They come and talk to just waste your time and keep on asking questions but have no intention to order. Have you encountered such people?
  2. Hello every one.....hope you are all well. 😊 My question is for Fiverr legend sellers. 😎😎😎 2-3 month ago i was fulfil all requirements for TOP RATED seller but can't get any notification about TOP RATED level. How does it work for my level promotion....can any one give me any idea about this please.....!!! I'm so excited to get TOP RATED level πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ€—
  3. I haven't received 5+ rating in 60 days period.Can i become Level 1 seller after receiving rating of 5star.? Any one have an πŸ’‘πŸ’‘
  4. Any One Know About That. I have Completed 3orders Having 5star rating. and my rating in not including in star rate list . Because i completed order after 60 days. Is there possibility to go Level 1 seller.
  5. Hi everyone, Hope you all are doing well. I have been on Fiverr from last 6 to 7 months and I just complete my level one seller requirements. I will achieve level one on July 15. I was wondering when I will achieve level one does it effect on sales or gig ranking. Does it effect on gig impressions? I will be more then happy if anyone will answer. And checkout my gigs and let me know if there is any way to improve my gigs. www.fiverr.com/haidergull
  6. If you give one reaction you get 1 point for fiverr fourm batch point.
  7. Today I am sharing my real experience. In general, I started my service with 5$ in new condition. Everything was going well. After 60 days I became level-1 and increased the price of all services. Then everything went well. At that time, some buyers talked to me and gave me a lot of work. I suddenly got few job of 100-500+ $πŸ€‘. Which was a different feeling for me😍. I decided, I would not work below 100$🀐. Then many people came to me with work whose work was below 100$ I returned. Then for three months I worked for 100 $, 92 $ and 56$ respectivelyπŸ˜‘. That broke my mistake. Since then I have done the work of 5$. Since then I have been having a good time. So, my advice to newcomers is, no job should be underestimated. #happy_freelancing
  8. hey guys why I am still not in level 1 I completed all the required today is October 15 and it says 0:00gmt not it is around 11 is there something wrong or it is delayed please let me know and thanks
  9. I was just curious as to how long it took you people to earn the first Badge, "Level One"? It was 62 days for me ! 😊 Let's see how many of you out there beating this record πŸ˜…
  10. Dear all!! I am really glad to come to this Enthusiast level in this Fiverr Forum Enthusiast. Thanks everyone stay tuned to Fiverr Forum.
  11. Okay so I got an order 2 weeks ago, the buyer placed the order without discussing the limitations. She wanted to automate something using the free plan provided by IFTT. But the free plan didn't support what she needed, we both agreed on cancelling the order so I initiated the order cancelation request. She accepted it and the order was cancelled. BUT as soon as the order was cancelled, my order completion rate dropped to 67% and now it is 50%. How is this a just evaluation when something that's requested by the buyer isn't doable? OR if the buyer isn't open to suggestions? Why do we, the sellers always have to pay the price? Why can't Fiverr take into account issue like this when evaluating a profile? It's just a bot looking at order completed vs orders placed and then assigning each profile a number, if that number falls below the threshold, you're ripped off of your badges and levels and you're left there with nothing for a month (or more) FOR NO REASON!! Something that you spend months or even years on achieving is taken by a bot FOR NO REASON! How is taking badges and decrementing the scores just when you only have ONE option, cancel the order.. when you know that cancelling the order would cause a deduction in your scores and also you'll be ripped off of your badge and levels, something that most of the hardworking people here spend months and years to earn. Oh and for almost 2 weeks I couldn't find a way to submit a support ticket because the Support page in the footer only has some help docs which don't help with situations like this and the My Support Requests has no option to submit a new ticker, the only way is to open a previous ticket and there's a button to add a new one which doesn't make sense (I saw that button today). I think the button should be on the main page where all the support tickets are listed. Also, the Contact Us button at the bottom right on that page has a bug, when you click it, the button disappears (I tried 3 different browsers and also my phone - same issue). What do you guys have to say about this? Shouldn't Fiverr change it's policies about profile evaluation or order cancellation?
  12. I recently got promoted to level-1 but my order completion is 90% and on time delivery is 91%. My question is, if one of my active order gets cancelled rn, will I get demoted?
  13. I am a "NO LEVEL" Seller for now (Although I was at Level-1 and demoted for an warning). Before next level evolution I will also meet the Level-2 requirements, so my question is will I directly get promoted Level-2 or only Level-1?
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