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  1. I am a level 2 seller and haven't received any order since 2 months. I have done SEO, social media marketing, changed gig images but nothing worked. Is there anyone else who is facing the issue? If anyone can review my profile and gigs, let me know so that I can share the link to be reviewed,
  2. I tried multiple different files both in png and jpg to upload as my pfp, but they just don't go through. It shows the popup to select the file, but it doesn't go through properly. Please fix this asap bc this is stopping me from posting my gig
  3. I read here that a professional picture makes you look trustworthy. However, I am a digital artist. Isn't it better to show a selfportrait illustration? I mean, this way you show your face and also your drawing skills. But if almost everyone talks about the importance of a real picture there must be a reason. So, here are my doubts. How was your experience? Have you ever tried to use a drawing for your profile? Share your thoughts, I'm all ears (and eyes)
  4. Hello Everyone I hope you are all fine. My Question is some seller got option of introduction video but this feature is not showing me in in my seller account
  5. When adding university information to my profile, the system behaves quite unpredictably. It is difficult to enter the subject you would like, there is unappealing enforced capitalisation, and there are lots of odd suggested schools and subjects like just letters, such as "L". I really think someone needs to overhaul this as it seems to be neglected. Thank you.
  6. Hello I created this Fiverr acount some time ago and since then I have not been able to link this to my Github, Stackoverflow, Facebook profiles. How can I fix this? Everytime it just says that "Something went wrong."
  7. Pls can someone accept dispute open by buyer to cancle order or it will be more preferable to reject and open it myself? Thanks
  8. My Fiverr profile has been down for a few days. As a result, I have not received any orders. What can I do to regain my profile ranking? I'm very upset about it. Please advise me if you are an expert. Thanks
  9. As fiverr rolling out new feature like showcase client works, portfolio, fiverr business to my gig and i am thinking to update them will this affect the ranking of my gigs or profile changes does not affect gig ranks. thanks
  10. I got back the feature again after 30 days!! but I m planning not to use this only organic promotion will help I think.
  11. Showing "Online" or "Offline" in the fiverr chat is fine and working all good. But if you open a buyer, or a seller's profile, it always shows that they are online. Even when they are not. Attached screenshot.
  12. So apparently there is a person who created the exact copy of my gig, where every single thing is the same: Portfolio images (he kind of erased some parts of the Fiverr watermark, but it still can be seen) Description (everything including studying background and work experience) Packages This person even managed to get a 5-star review. I suppose I'm not the only one who got his identity stolen by this profile. Is this a usual thing on Fiverr? Do I have to look through the search results from time to time?
  13. Hey, I'm Asiri joined Fiverr from Sri Lanka (South Asian island) and I'm a Masters student in Machine Learning and AI. I joined Fiverr in 2021 and it was easy to become level one seller and it took me 4 months for that. My expertise in creating chatbots, ML models and doing automation. My average selling rate is around $20 per gig. I maintain a lower rate because I do not take big projects and my average time to delivery is less than a day. I would like to know that how much time it will take me to become level 2. I really love to hear your ideas and suggestions.
  14. Is there any possibility of loss to the account if you change the profile picture on Fiverr?
  15. I have been searching for two days for editing my profile portfolio. Unfortunately I did not find any way to change my portfolio. Is there any to change it?
  16. Hi everyone. My name is Raymond. I joined Fiverr on December 2021. I sell Logo design. I have read tons of tips in this forums (thanks @frank_d for your valuable tips). But I don't gain any order. I have tried to optimize my profile, but the order are not coming (and my impressions are very low: less than 10 per day) Is there anything else I should improve in my profile/gig? Or what can I do to get more impressions and more order? Thank you at advance for your answers! PS: I apologise if I did some mistakes when writing, English is not my first language.
  17. Hi everyone, I am a logo design seller I want to add my Behance portfolio in my Fiverr description. But I would first like to know if Behance is an approved link. Thanks you at advance for your answers. PS : I've tried to create a Flickr account, but it failed all the time.
  18. Greetings Every One! I have been on fiverr from couple of years now and have maintained my level two status from over a year now. I recently got a notification about getting my ID verified - i tried getting it done but it did not work - and my gigs got denied - with a struggle of over a month i got my gigs back but i am not receiving close to no orders. What can I do to get the volume back ? Any Suggestions ? My Profile is https://www.fiverr.com/jeffry_dot?up_rollout=true
  19. Please tell me! How can i change if it's possible?
  20. I'm a former full stack webdeveloper trying to return to this segment as a frontend webdev on Fiverr. I was kinda excited for that, but now I'm facing at least three big issues. One of them is in this title: I can't link my GitHub account to the Fiverr profile, no matter how I try (mobile app, site in mobile, desktop, Gecko or Blink browser). The window for auth just pops and disappear, without linking any account. What could I do? Thanks in advance.
  21. My question is that what are the requirements for getting BEST SELLER Badge for my gig in Fiverr Profile area. How Can I get this badge for other gigs as well? dy know, What are the are
  22. Hello everyone, hope all are fine. Now I am in depression, I was create my fiverr account in 2018 but was not active and work. Now I want to work. Please suggests me, Can I do work in this account or delete it and create a new one. Which is the better for me for get order in fiverr.
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