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Can works in Fiverr without profile picture?


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You are not supposed to use a picture of someone else you found on the net or wherever - read the TOS. You are not to misrepresent yourself. Why are you worried about having your likeness in your profile? While you are free to use a logo or other drawing type picture for your profile pic, most tend to use their own likeness in order to give a sense of who they are and I would imagine some buyers like knowing the picture is who they are working with. Not all buyers care though, but, whatever you do, do NOT use someone else’s picture you found on the internet. Some come to this site, set up their profile with a picture of some hot chick or famous person thinking that is how you get orders. Nope. You need to actually be offering a service that is needed and that you are proficient in.


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On 1/12/2021 at 4:09 AM, petersdesigns said:

Truth be told, you can’t even successfully create your seller’s account without adding a profile picture, it’s a must!

My fiverr account is not giving seller profile approval I am trying again and again

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