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Suspend account due to verification


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After I submitted my two ordered gig yesterday and approved.

My buyer ordered another one today. Few hours later, Fiverr notified me to verify my account.

I followed the link in the notification and submitted my National identification Card plus my passport as required by fiverr.
But in 4 seconds I received a notification that it was not accepted.

I contacted my fiverr seller friend, he said maybe it’s blurr. So I retried but still the same message from fiverr that not accepted.

So I tried the passport option but received the same error.

With 3 times try, I received a notification that my account as being suspended.
I don’t have fiverr email, so I decided to drop a complaint here.

Please support Team, review this. Please.
This is my account.

Message I got from fiverr.

Screenshot_20201209-173657480×854 58.8 KB
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