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Problems with Fiverr payments


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Hi guys, (sorry about my english, it’s not my mother language) but I want to ask something here, because I can’t find any kind of solutions for my problem…

I made my first sale a month ago, and got the option to withdraw the money in early December.

however, I had some problems with the Payoneer bank, until my account was suspended. After contacting them and redoing my registration there, I was able to make withdrawals and movement in the account there.

The real problem is that now Fiverr won’t let me click on the withdrawal option with the bank account, only with PayPal.

Does anyone know how to guide me, what to do to be able to access this option again? or how can i talk to the website support?

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Hi, First of all… Your English is good. Not bad at all.

2nd there is criteria. You should have available more than 20$ for paynoeer bank withdrawal and 30$ for paynoeer card withdrawal.

But I don’t know about paypal withdrawal.

I have exactly 20$ to withdrawal, but i got this message…

Capturar_11352×364 35.6 KB
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I know, but i’m trying so hard and can’t find where is this option

Could you please send me a link, or an email, or anything that help me to contact them ?

Is your paynoeer account is running?

Means approved for working.

If your paynoeer account is jsut createive thean its need to be approved first.

You can talk to paynoeer agen here…


Live Chat

otherwise you can submit a request to fiverr support.


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