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  1. also read search “how to respond buyer request” on google and read about it so you can respond professionally.
  2. @vlad0101 Sorry, I got busy… Take a look here. go to more…go to ‘buyer request page’ fasay717-Social-Media-Marketing-WordPress-Fiverr1010×225 21.7 KBthen this page will appear… Fiverr-fasay717-Buyer-Requests1251×921 26.3 KBHere at the right arrow it shows you have 10 request to sent today… Keep checking this page contentiously . For 1st week. You will get the timing when the buyer post request for their work. as you see their request…respond to them.
  3. Hi, It happens some times. You should try to delete the tags and re add them. But don’t worry even it is not visible but its works.
  4. I use Fiverr app for my easiness. 😀
  5. Hi picvidpro. In the online world communication matters a lot. As we don’t see each other face to face we have to convey our message through our communication. So, it is really very important! I define this beacause you may reply with the work. “Hello sir, I don’t have portfolio or sample work but i can provide you quality work with an hour” or someting like this. Firstly you just greate them with “hi or hello” then “sure” and then upload your sample work. when you suspected that he/she has seen your work then do a counter question means " can you please provide me your website link (if any)? " or " can you please provie me your business details " or something like this. Also download fiverr app-----download a high volume sound----and set it as notification in fiverr app. Here…on fiver even a 5 minute late response cause you to lose the customer and every a day can hold a customer. but mostly the customer left. Therefore we have to reply as soon as possible.
  6. Is your paynoeer account is running? Means approved for working. If your paynoeer account is jsut createive thean its need to be approved first. You can talk to paynoeer agen here… payoneer.custhelp.com Live Chat otherwise you can submit a request to fiverr support. here… Fiverr.com Login to FiverrFiverr is the world's largest freelance services marketplace for lean entrepreneurs to focus on growth & create a successful business at affordable costs.
  7. @vlad0101 Do you submit your 10 offers (Bids) daily properly?
  8. @quastny Sorry, But it not possible. You have to write a comment to publish the rating. But you can write a short comment like " Great Job ", “well done” But I will recommend you to if the seller done a great job. you should have a great and a little bit long comment even it will take your 1-2 minute but it will be much useful for him/her and will be very happy.
  9. Also you can conduct a live chat with their agent if you still confused. payoneer.custhelp.com Live Chat
  10. @gui_ciano Hi, First of all… Your English is good. Not bad at all. 2nd there is criteria. You should have available more than 20$ for paynoeer bank withdrawal and 30$ for paynoeer card withdrawal. But I don’t know about paypal withdrawal.
  11. @syedaemaanali @himelahmed62 Yes, You can. You can use the same bank account with two different Payoneer account. The only Payoneer will verify whose account you’re using.
  12. My client wants a partnership with me on a 50/50 commission. Can we Do that? What will be the procedure?
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