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  1. Yeahhh that makes sense, but I didn't wanted to bother them for such a small issue so that't why thought of asking here in the forum itself. Well, let's see if I don't get any satisfactory answer I might have to do that eventually. Thanks for your response though, i appreciate it.
  2. So I recently completed an order (was a very small order of $20). So technically I am supposed to get $16 (Deducting the 20% fees that fiverr usually takes which completely makes sense). But a $0.20 extra was charged from me as taxes which I am totally unaware of and as a result I got $15.80 as my final payment. Now I don't have any particular issue of such a small amount being deducted, but i wanted to have atleast the info of why is it happening in the first place. I request everyone if you do have the info/knowledge about this issue please do let me know, it will be a great help. Please refer the attach Screen shot for reference. THANK YOU
  3. Best category :- I will do anything you want for free… Or just write free in your GIG description and give service for free… If only getting orders matter to you
  4. Yepp, thank you so much, finally I am relieved… 😀
  5. You can pause your GIGs, believe me its an awesome trick you will get 1000’s of orders in a single day… its better than being online 24 hours
  6. Well, actually for me also this is the first time it happened, I delivered the delivery so late (I had some health issues so it took a bit time), but still it was within the 4 days duration that I requested for… And yeahhh that is the general thing that everybody knows, so I do hope it doesn’t effects my on time delivery…Though I am not sure about my scenario. And also on my orders page I had the order on my priority list not on the late list so I do think it wouldn’t effect. Still thank you so much for your reply
  7. Ok, so its a very basic thing and I kinda also know this but still i am asking this because its the first time it happened with me and I am a bit worried… So there was an order which I needed to complete yesterday 31st jan, and i did completed it on time (4 hours were still left), and then the client asked for a revision… So I told him that yeaahh its totally fine I did a mistake (it was Basically a mistake from my side) so I will complete as soon as possible… Now after that, the 4 hours that was stopped previously again started to continue and its very obvious, I knew that when those 4 hours will get over i will get a late symbol and its fine coz I have previously read this on forum that if you deliver your work on time and then if you get a late symbol at the time of revision then its fine it wouldn’t affect your on time delivery rate but my main concern is after that timer finished another timer of 24 hours started, I don’t know what timer was that, I delivered the revised work the timer stopped and another revision was requested (I offered 5 revisions) it was a very small change, that needed to be done and that 24 hours timer again started from the point where it ended previously and now when I was about to submit the work again I CAN SEE THE INFAMOUS LATE SYMBOL WRITTEN. Capture1321×718 54.1 KBSo now would my on time delivery rate go down for this, I really don’t know. Once again I did submitted the main work on time and on my orders section also, my order is marked as priority not as late… AND SORRY ABOUT MY ENGLISH…
  8. So, we as freelancers now have to add PAN details also… So my question is where is the PAN detail required…Is it required on the freelancing sites like Fiverr or upwork wherever a freelancer is working or is it required on the payment providers gateway like PayPal or Payoneer whichever a freelancer is using… And second question is does the tax applicable only when a freelancer earns a total of 5 lacs or more in a year or is it something else… Lastly i think all of the freelancers have already added their PAN info in the payment gateway which ever they are using, cuz without adding that no payment gateway be PayPal or payoneer, no one will deposit the amount in our bank… So in my view this TDS is not applicable for freelancers like us… Do let me know your opinion about this… THANK YOU
  9. Why not do some add campaigns for your GIG then rather asking here on the forum.You are an expert in this field so I am sure you can generate sales for your GIG too… HAPPY SELLING
  10. So today a very strange thing happened with me which really made me think what did actually happened… So I was into my account, it was early morning i just woke up from my sleep and went to check for the messages that i may have received, then as i was checking the messages, I refreshed the page and suddenly got a blue header above my account and it said the account does not exist (I am sorry i was so frightened that I forgot to take a screen shot), I again refreshed the page and the very next moment i was logged out of my account… I was literally shivering at that moment because I don’t know what actually happened, it was all of a sudden. Then I directly went to my mail to see if I have received anything from Fiverr, but there was nothing i refreshed the mail a lot of times to be precise 4 times but still there was nothing… I was about to cry that what actually happened did I lost my account, but i didn’t violated any TOS either. After some time I got the courage and I tried to log into my account, surprisingly I was able to log in nothing literally happened, my GIGS were also there i could access everything and there wasn’t any issue thereafter… So this whole incident forced me to write this post and now I am also curious was my account hacked or something similar happened. Did the same thing happened with anyone else too… I am just curious so I really want to know :thinking:
  11. The problem here is that there are no “valuable tips” to share. I’ve been saying this over and over again. There’s no secret sauce. Want to be successful? Offer something that has demand, and be more attractive than the competition. That’s all there is. Nothing else. Does that help? Not really - if you ain’t good, you won’t become good just because you “learn” you have to be good to be successful. The problem here is that we have a ton of talentless hacks trying to make a quick buck. It won’t work. Can you communicate well in English? If not, don’t come here and expect success until you do. If it takes you 2 years to learn English, you can start two years from now. Can you do whatever it is you’re selling professionally? If you can’t, become a professional first (and that can take years), and only then come here and start selling. If you just want to sell some slightly modified canva templates, you’re not going anywhere and no tips will ever help you. If you are a graphic designer that displays hideous images in your profile (no clue about colors, fonts, composition, etc), you won’t get anywhere. Good taste isn’t something you can learn easily, either you have it or you don’t. Most don’t. If you are a writer / translator / editor and you have typos and weird phrasing in your gigs / bio / FAQ’s, nobody is going to hire you. If you have no business acumen (“getting” what works or not), we can’t help. A lot of this should be intuition, common sense. If you don’t have it, we can’t help. Being here as a successful seller sometimes is a bit like being a doctor walking down the street and being approached by beggars asking you what’s your secret to be a doctor, because they all want to make doctor money. Guess what? Go to med school. You’re not qualified to be a doctor. And it’s not something I can teach you, because you don’t have the requirements to even understand it. And then that beggar is approached by 10 other beggars giving tips on how to be a doctor. And then all the beggars get on a circle repeating “thanks for the valuable information” to each other. And of course not one of them will become a doctor, so I really have no idea what they are all thanking themselves for. It’s insane. From now on you seriously have my respect… This is the exact thing I wanted to tell everybody here spamming thank you for the information… The way you said the whole thing it’s just a smack on the face without even hurting the other person… About the post, this is for the OP :- Thank you for the most invaluable and a useless post
  12. Wrong. This might be the case on a very, very rare occasion, but it’s far, far more likely that the buyer has established contact specifically to see how a Seller communicates. OP, consider how you talk with people face-to-face. Over the phone. In nothing but written words. Every level, you loose some ability to communicate. You get better at each of these by doing them. Practice. Do you like books? Think of how well an author can detail a dramatic orange and lavender sunset over the ocean, from the perspective of a small stranded man in a boat, out of sight of shore and running out of supplies. I’m willing to bet you pictured something dramatic and lovely, until you learned the viewer was in a dire situation. That is communication. If you want to earn an order, you have to prove to the Buyer that you understand what they’re describing. Ask questions. If you have to, repeat it back to them, using different words. If the Buyer gets annoyed, it’s a sign that they don’t know what they want. Actually I wanted to say this in a different tone, maybe you misinterpret. IMO if a potential buyer messages you it means that they have already gone through different GIGS of other sellers, but your GIG was the one which strike them, maybe your GIG have a better description, maybe your GIG images or GIG video is better explaining you and your service, it can be anything, and that’s the reason the potential buyer decides to message you to discuss the project… What you said is just the other half of the coin… As you may know a coin have two sides, so yeahh I agree with you too, that may also be possible… But you just can’t completely disagree with me, because nowadays you may know its a busy world everyone is busy in their own way so I don’t think that a buyer will just come and talk casually to just check your communication and if it’s good, if they think you are capable they will order rather what I think mostly buyers nowadays prefer to check everything themselves, they will just do the extra work to look for the seller they what… But still i am pretty new on this platform a lot more for me to learn too… But I hope I make sense… THANK YOU
  13. First of all you need not convince a buyer to place an order this needs to happen within the buyer itself, if you have ticked all the boxes including good communication, maintaining your professionalism, having a good portfolio, then no one is stopping the buyer to place the order… Always remember if a buyer messages you then he/she have already decided you are the perfect fit for them you already gained the reputation from a buyer’s perspective, so just focus on doing the things right that needs to be done thereafter, trying to convince the buyer to place an order sounds way to unprofessional and it also shows desperation which you need to avoid and maintain your professionalism… THANK YOU
  14. Actually I wanted to do that way itself by sending the custom order for that additional work, but this time I wanted to use the GIG extra option so that I can be more familiar with all the fiverr options and that’s why I asked this. So Yeahh, thank you so much I got the idea and will be using it… 😀
  15. Ok thank you, so I guess there’s no problem in using it…
  16. Hello community, So recently i got an order for which I had 5 days to complete, today is the second day and I completed the order but the client requires a few extra things for which I have decided to offer them my GIG extras. Now suppose that GIG extra would take me another 1 day to complete so my main question is does the timer clock (which now currently shows 3 days and some hours left and its still running coz off-course the order isn’t marked as complete yet), so would that 1 day for that GIG extra be also added in the timer clock… In that case it should show 4 days and a few hours left… So this is what I want to know, or maybe there is a different process for GIG extras… So please if anyone can help me regarding this… In the current situation in which I am, its not much of a problem i still have 3 days to complete the GIG extra and To Be Honest the GIG extra wouldn’t take me even a single day to complete, I think maybe a few hours… I just want to have the answer for this question coz it may help me in future… Like suppose I just have a few hours left for delivery and the client suddenly asks for some extras and if i offer him a GIG extra but the time for the GIG extra doesn’t add up in the timer clock then in that case my delivery would be late… So please do let me know this is my first time I am using the GIG extra option or rather i will be using the option… THANKS…
  17. It’s simple - Stay online 25.6 hours, send daily 11 buyer request and don’t worry if after 10 you ain’t able to send request anymore just go to the customer support and spam them, make atleast 11 tickets for this issue to be solved. Now in the buyer request just copy generic messages and paste to all the request and don’t forget to mention this line in your buyer request offer “I want quick work, give me work”. Spam here in the forum to each and every post that you get to see and spam the sellers on fiber too with I want work, give me work message… I hope it helps, these are the few secret tricks no one tells just to reduce the competition believe me it works…
  18. Yeahh it makes sense!!! It was just my personal opinion and i totally agree with what you said… Tho it was nice having a convo with you… 😄 And also, Wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance
  19. Thank you so much for your response… I got it So I do respect Fiverr’s TOS and i have read a lot in this forum about the mixed reviews about the tipping system in Fiverr… Like many do believe that the service fee should be removed from TIPS but on the other hand if this really gets removed than chances are that it will get exploited. But don’t you think that this is a bit too harsh on the tipping system like Fiverr is taking the same amount of service fee as the order in case of TIPS too… It’s just my opinion i am not saying to completely remove this service tax from tIPS but atleast this shouldn’t be done like taking the same amount of service fee as the same as orders… What’s your opinion plzz do let me know…
  20. Hello community, So i just had a quick question that i wanted to ask / know… As we all know on Nov 2020 fiverr changed their tax system on orders… Like on orders which are below $50, service tax would be $2 + 5% of the actual order amount and similarly on orders above $50 only 5% of the actual order amount would be taken as service tax… So the question is does the same rule applies on tips too… like any TIP below $50 would cost +$2 + 5% of actual tip amount and similarly TIPS above $50 would cost +5% of actual tip amount which rarely happen… only if you have done something really good… So does this new tax system applies on TIPS too… THANKS
  21. Wait!!! Could you please clarify you want hidden tips or good tips, then i will answer
  22. HOW??? Can you explain the logic please… staying online increases impression woowww interesting and impression shows your gigs on 1st, 2nd and 3rd page, i though if you can get on 1st, 2nd or 3rd page you get more impression… Woooww they are some really valuable tips i will definitely never dare to follow them…BTW which youtube video did you watched to get so awesome knowledge please share with all of us… we will do our duty of reporting that for sure if no one else atleast its me for sure…
  23. Now i know why customer support is taking so much of time to reply to other genuine issues… Once the customer support has given a verdict, how on earth do you think that its gonna change. Creating more and more tickets doesn’t resolves your issue, instead you will put a bad impression of yourself in front of the customer support members. And regarding that Drew issue, its actually an automated response its not a manual response if your ticket is being closed you can again reply to that ticket itself and keep it open,creating a new one won’t solve your issue. Also you need to be polite and professional when addressing an issue with the customer support, they are also person and human like us, if you faced a bad experience with one of your buyers they ain’t responsible for it… I hope you understand this and please don’t send another ticket and bother them unnecessarily instead reply to one of those tickets and please try to be more polite and explain them the things that happened… THANK YOU
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