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  1. Hi! I love this community and I find it really helpful especially for new sellers on Fiverr like me. So I have a weird buyer… She has already bought my gig, but because it is an online class she told me to write on her private phone number on WhatsApp to agree about the time of the class. I told her that it isn’t allowed to chat on WhatsApp and I gave her my options on the fiverr chat. Since than she doesn’t answer me anymore but she has bought my class so what should I do? I can’t deliver anything but if I cancel the order will my profile be effected ? Thank you
  2. Hi ! I need your help. I am quite new here on Fiverr, but until now I have enjoyed being on this platform. Today I have received a few messages from a buyer from India without any profile pic or reviews, asking me if I want to work for a long term project (translating texts). He doesn’t specify or send me any link (yet) but he said that I have to register myself on a website in order to work for his team. He doesn’t say where, when or how much I will get paid either … Is it a scam ? Has someone else had a similar experience? What should I do? Thank you 😊
  3. Thank you! I have had clients contacting me directly through the chat and I did other orders through buyer request ( even tho I get to see only 2 or 3 requests pro day...). Do you know the exact percentage that Fiverr gets from each order? Thank you.
  4. Perfect thank you ! I appreciate your help??
  5. Hi, I am new to Fiverr. I have a question regarding sharing my gigs on Instagram. Is it allowed to put on my Instagram Bio the link of my Fiverr profile , or the link of one of my gig ? I know that I could do a story sharing my gig but can the link be added permanently on my bio ? Thank you ! Carlotta
  6. Thank you all ! I find the forum section really helpful too :+1:t2:
  7. Yes ! So far so good, the only “problem” is that I can’t find many buyers requests, I try to refresh the page but it often says 0 result. Probably it is because I have just started and I need to wait or complete more orders…
  8. Ciao a tutti ! I am Carlotta and I am a new seller on Fiverr. I have started only 16 days ago but I have already completed 6 orders. So far I am really enjoying working on this platform. I mainly translate from German, English, Spanish into Italian (and viceversa) and I do Italian transcriptions too. I love painting as well. Check out my gigs and message me if you are interested! Grazie ☺️
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