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Who Else Wants to Be Part of the "Foot in the Door" Club?


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So, there has been a number of topics of late from newbies and some allies saying “Hey, support us/them” too.

So I thought I’d propose the “Foot in the Door” Club where those of us who are willing can be the first to order from an unrated seller…then report on the results. I’m not saying we need to give good feedback on a bad experience (we can just leave no feedback in that case and maybe give the seller a head’s up)… But if we can sincerely recommend the service, leave that good feedback and post your “Foot in the Door” / “Kick in the @ss” message here.

I did it for this seller http://fiverr.com/dudgemd on “two” of his gigs, (and the second was because his first result blew me away so much)

Here’s my feedback I wrote for his Professional Bio gig.

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Guest aweberr

Here is how you can find the latest gigs that are published on Fiverr.

Note : These are THE latest gigs that go live every second on Fiverr so most of them get removed very quickly for violation of the TOS. That’s pretty normal for a high traffic site like Fiverr. Just find the one that are not removed and you can buy them…and yes, I will be giving a head start to a new kid on the block today (already ordered the gig) will report here when the delivery is done.

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