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Buyer involving third party client help!

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You need to put more effort into defining your style. Possibly by creating multiple gigs (different styles, different purposes).

What I’m saying is that there is a sharp contrast between the gig samples and the live portfolio (in technique, the style, and the execution). There is also a sharp contrast between some live portfolio samples.

It confuses buyers and gives them the impression that you can do anything and that it’ll be reasonable for them to expect whatever they want without actually sharing with you what it is they want. It also enables them to go to CS and claim that you delivered something drastically different from what you advertise (which may not end well for you).

I think reselling should be against ToS. It probably won’t be considering how prevalent it is but still. We need some protection against “but my client doesn’t like it” nonsense.

That being said, wait for CS response and ignore the “buyer”.

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No client exists in a vacuum. It’s silly that you expect that they do and you’re out of line for trying to.require that they work in vacuum.

All that matters is if you get paid.

I suggest you research how project management works in business before making such strange and rude claims on your buyer. No client is autonomous unless you only want to work with sole proprietorships.

And don’t claim something is a violation until you’ve read the ToS and confirmed that it is (it isn’t). If I were this client I’d never work with you again.

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