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Is that user advertising via buyer request?


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Today while searching for buyer requests I have seen a request from a seller asking to build a website because he is so busy & offering only 30$ for e-commerce website lol, My initial thought was he must be a level 2 seller. He has mentioned checking his profile for gigs he doing Since we can’t check buyer profile until he sends a message so I asked him to send me a message.

He replied after a while that you can check my gigs now. So I have opened his profile he is offering only 1 gig & he has joined Fiverr in July this year. Definitely he has no active orders, When I asked him that I have checked your profile & most of the images which you have shown are premade templates & gave him friendly advice to increase his price because he was building a complete website in just 5$. His reply was somebody already took the order that sounds fishy to me who will build a complete site in just 30$. In my point, he was advertising to get impressions & clicks, What’s your opinion fellows?

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