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  1. That's a remarkable achievement, Congratulations! I'm currently on the streak of 16 & hope will get more orders from that client but you have nailed it. Keep up the good work.
  2. Sorry for being inactive I was busy with some stuff. Well it totally depends on the order & client's requirement. First the order was big $$$ three figures, secondly the buyer was tired of getting pre-written scripts it only takes 5-10 mins or maybe less to read all the requirements & prepare a proper reply which shows you have understood the project properly. Even though English is not my native language but I always try my best to explain everything. Spending 5-10 min with client really helps to gain their trust & doing exactly what they want will help you to build a long term relationship.
  3. I think you are not alone, I'm also facing same issue.
  4. That's great! I have received 50$ Multiple times & previously my best was 100$ but this time buyers was really generous 🙂
  5. Congratulations, anything extra will boost your happiness so keep the good work.
  6. I'm very happy today because a generous buyer gave me a tip of 125$. It is my best so far
  7. A buyer can only publish a review within the 10 days of delivery.
  8. Thanks for the info, I have similar issue like yours. I have got this feature for some days withdrawn almost 500$. But suddenly it disappeared, even though it was available for an order which I have completed but I have decided to not use early payout but now this order is not displaying any button for early payouts.
  9. Red Alert! You have violated a term connecting buyers or sellers outside of platform is not allowed. I do not understand what kind of security you are talking about. If you are a seller then buyer will pay the full amount before starting the order, Fiverr is managing all orders so if anything goes wrong they’ll help to sort out things.
  10. No one can help you except CS, If you have the proof that you have completed the work then nothing to worry about just do as @english_voice said you are all good.
  11. You have got instructions before he placed an order, If you have completed the work according to guidelines then you are done. In my point of view you don’t have to wait for him. Whenever he ask for a revision for something which was not the original scope of the order simply reply him to place another order for extra work.
  12. If he demanded for extra work which was not the original scope of the order then you can reply gently & ask him to place another order for extra work. adding gig extra for this order will cause you some issues so it’s better to ask him to place a new order.
  13. I don’t understand you have mentioned that you have completed his work then why not simply deliver it?
  14. Offer Amount660×514 28.9 KBI’m just curious has Fiverr increased the limit of a custom offer to $20000 or it is some sort of bug? I’m a level 1 seller btw.
  15. It has nothing to do with late delivery of revisions, That’s a basic problem everyone is facing right now.
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