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I'm not making any sales


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Hey guys! It’s been 2 months already yet I haven’t made a single sale. I’ve tried everything. From optimizing my gig to always staying online. I rarely see buyer requests and even if i do, I’m never chosen due to the massive competition from higher level sellers who obviously have more reviews and have made more sales. I don’t know what to do anymore… Sigh

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In my recent poll, the following results occurred.


51% of us admitted “I do not do enough marketing”

30% of us know/believe “I do not show up in search results”

Only 12% of us have “got an order from a client I brought to Fiverr myself”

Only 10% of us have “got an order from a client through social media”

7% said “Our marketing is not working even though I spend time and money on it”


It is clear that we need to do more ourselves to build our business and increase our sales. If you read the fo…


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What you describe as your efforts are just tricks that don’t work.

You need to research how markets work and create something that fills a gap in the market and that people actually want. THAT is what gets orders. People don’t start wanting what you sell because certain tags and stayed online all the time.

Do you buy things just because the seller used a certain keyword? No, you buy it because you want it and it’s an exceptional option with little competition.

Stop thinking that tricks make people want what you sell. Find something that doesn’t have high competition for which you are exceptional and serve a niche.

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