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My Gigs Have Gotten SO MANY Impressions BUT Few Orders


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I put a low price on my orders and change them frequently but NO New Orders! Please explain! Thanks

Please explain!

Explain what exactly? We are not fortune tellers to tell you why you are not getting orders.

But if you have high impressions and no orders that means that people are not interested in your gig or something is putting them off when they see it.

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A low price doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get orders. Lots of buyers, while they do look for a “low” price, really value quality over quantity. While it’s good to keep prices low (albeit, reasonable on your end) in the beginning, I wouldn’t be discouraged from pricing them higher in the future, when you see fit.

I took a gander at your gigs, and from what I can see, the description you have is pretty short in comparison from what I would expect the average gig on your category. Flashy, all caps words aren’t going to convince every buyer to choose your gig, so you need to thoroughly explain your gig and exactly what you can offer. You’d be surprised what a difference it can make. I also found a few typos, which can deter some audiences, so all in all I would go back through and clean up your gig descriptions.

It wouldn’t hurt, especially on your logo gig, to provide more examples. I found lots of repeats when I did find more examples, and while that isn’t awful, I implore you to diversify your listings further with your example images/videos.

I hope you find some of this helpful, and I wish you the best!

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May i know “SO MANY” Impressions" you get?
Usually…, it almost reach 3000 impressions to get first order.

If you impressions high…, Click Low…, then it means that you have a good tag, but your thumbnail is bad.

and I saw that you use similar thumbnail for some of your gigs? Is this a bad idea…,
It shows that you don’t have many project —> few experience.

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