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[TRICK] How To Run a Background Check On A Buyer

Guest aweberr

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Guest aweberr

Difficulty : Easy

Having good buyers is the key to a fulfilling life on Fiverr… Alright crap! enough of the fluff, lets get straight to the point!

There are many reasons why sellers might want to do a background check on a buyer to see if it is going to ‘work out’ when a potential buyer sets of red flags. Whatever be your reason, and I am not judging you 😉 Here is how you can find out about your (potential) buyer’s past orders :

1]Go to http://google.com

2]Search for “site:fiverr.com [username] thumb” (without the quotes and brackets)

The search results will list all their activity on Fiverr, that includes the gigs they previously ordered, the reviews and ratings they left on the previous gigs they ordered (which is the primary reason to do this in the first place). This way you can find out if the buyer is a chronic ‘bad comment dropper’ or a ‘could you please change this a little bit…’ guy or a ‘great job, thanks’ person right away.

Geeky Stuff For Those Who Give a Damn : Your Fiverr gigs make use of the hreview snippet which is a ‘search-enging-specific’ code snippet that shows ratings (for things that are ‘rateable’ like movie reviews, product reviews like the one you see on amazon etc) on a scale from 1 to 5 stars (which you can see in the screenshot below). More reading if you are a nerd : http://microformats.org/wiki/hreview

Spoon Feeding For Those Who Don’t Give a Damn : Lets say you want to run a background check on a potential buyer say, joseph4176. Then I would head over to google and search for him like so :

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`It also will not work unless the user you are searching for has left feedback somewhere.


I don’t understand the significance of the “thumb” in your search string as there are no elements or attributes on fiverr pages that are or have any reference to “thumb” other than thumbnails which are images or images of videos.

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