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  1. Reply to @biomed: Yes. It’s a hassle, but it will get you more ratings, which will get you higher on the search results. Doing so will make your average selling price lower, but that is just a stat that doesn’t really matter.
  2. Today is my last day of Level One (so I’ve had exactly one month with gig extras). My average selling price is $7. What’s yours, and how long have you had Levels?
  3. I never had any success on the Fiverr clones, but I made 3 sales on my first day on the real Fiverr. Now I’ve made over 400 sales and it’s been less than 2 months! 😃
  4. I could quit my job-- I make enough money on Fiverr that I could do that, but I’m not going to for now because I’m saving for school. But once school starts, I’m quitting my sandwich-making job and doing Fiverr only!! 😃
  5. Also, just a tip, there’s no space between the word “web” and “site”-- its one word-- “website” If you change this detail, it will help your search results! 🙂
  6. You can’t have exclamation points, periods, dollar signs, percent signs, etc. The only characters that you can have besides letters, numbers, and spaces are slashes (/) or commas (,) Fiverr is so picky about some of these things! Ughh! Anyways, Good luck to you 🙂
  7. This is a great tip!!! Thank you! This will be very useful! But it only works if the gig that the user bought from the other user is still live.
  8. I remember I got 3 orders on my first day. Two were for writing reviews on a website, and I don’t remember what the other was…
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