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How I got first 6 orders in first 10 days


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Hello guys, I am not a big seller, its my 2nd month on fiverr and getting orders almost after everyday or after two days. Here I am going to share with you my starting experience. There are several important things to get more orders but I would like to share with you only two points on which I got starting orders within 10 days. here are those two points:

  1. Catchy offer of buyer request, how?
    Please never explain yourself in in OFFER that how long you have been learning,
    how much experience you have,
    how much beautiful work you can do,
    it really doesn’t matter to buyer,
    what does matter is To EXPLAIN THE BUYER’S TASK that how properly you can do his work, for how long time you can deliver order, how much money you will charge etc. It means just talk about the benefits of buyer. Don’t explain yourself because you already wrote it in description he/she will check it by himself.
    Buyer don’t want to know about your, they just need their work and that’s it.

2.Be active every time on fiverr, why?
Because there are many people searching new sellers who can’t spend much money and they need urgent delivery, so they find ONLINE SELLERS, I got several orders in this way.
Why don’t you apply this method.
Hope it will work, it is just my own experience.
Thank you

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