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  1. warning840×618 48.8 KB a few hours ago I saw this message, anyone can help why this message came from me, What’s my mistake?
  2. i always recommended to my all friends to that never don’t edit any gig,it can decrease sell and lost gig rank also decrease your gig clicks and impressions
  3. after editing you gig can lost his ranks and decrease your click and impression may be it’s normal, so i always recommended to my all friends so that never don’t edit any gig,
  4. This is a recurrent problem affecting everyone. wait few days and spend time with forum, also try to marketing your all gig on social media
  5. you can deliver your order, after delivered this order remove the gig
  6. today I’m very happy that I successfully passed two tests with a top 10% score, one is Fiverr English Test and another is Wordpresss 5.1 skill test, those test can help me to get some new buyer any give me some tips because last few days no order available on my account, Thanks Developer Career Profile Link: www.fiverr.com/developercareer
  7. last one month here there are no order available on my account, so now i’m very disappointed
  8. @marinapomorac oh I see, Thanks for your first response
  9. few days ago i faced this problem, few days mean almost one month ago @marinapomorac
  10. whoops1133×497 23.8 KBwhat’s wrong with me? sometimes I face this problem.
  11. Hey brother…i’m also From Bangladesh, Best off luck for your for freelancing career
  12. Never disappointed… Plz wait few days, i hope that you will get a Better things
  13. @sobanshah29 Thanks for your valuable tips, I will try to do that…Thanks
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