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  1. thanks for help me out i am talked with customer service and i am satisfied now with his answer. and how to delete this question i got my answer.
  2. Hello, actually i want to know if any one knows about Fiverr Removed Funds? Actually i have noticed my personal balance is not increasing properly whenever i done a order only get 2/3 usd from my entire work . when i go through the earning page its showing Fiverr Removed Funds and deducts lots of USD$ I have contact customer support but i am satisfied with his answer anyone help how to fix this issue and this issue is appear only in this month october 2021. Thanks
  3. Does any one tell me my fiver cash advance feature has gone and not showing now and is it possible to come back again ?
  4. I Get One Custom Order From My Old Client
  5. No Nothing Even I Didn’t Touch My Gig
  6. My name is saazy911 and my service is facebook video ads last days (15 october 2020) was good and my search was showing in the first page search result and keyword is ( dropshipping ad page result). but unfortunately is out of search result and till now i am not getting any order please help me thanks.
  7. hello everyone, i want to ask you one thing i promoted to level 2 few days ago and now i increase my gig 10 to 15 and now my order number is very less as compare before. i just want to know should i go with 15 or reduce to 10 used to worked before. thanks
  8. yeah same happening with my all i have 5 stars and good fed back but still not getting orders
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