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Auto Refresh Usage when available to reply


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Okay, I have read some of the people are posting that why should be online 24/7? Why we should use auto-reload page on our profile if we are not able to reply on time.

Q: So my question is that what If we use auto reload page extension when we are working and can able to reply on time?
Please share your kind suggestions.
Thanks in Advance 🙂

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You dont need to stay online 24/7. It is a myth.

People keep repeating the same wrong advice - and newbies are deceived by it. Here’s my take on it - share if you feel so inclined:

Don’t use plugins that keep you online. Fiver can see that they’re being used. @bmsurujuddin is correct. You’ll get a warning, or worse!


You dont need to stay online 24/7. It is a myth

Yes, but that is not what the OP is asking.

I know buyers do not really look at the “online” thing, but his question is good.

Whey you leave the Fiverr tab, but you are still here, working, Fiverr marks you as offline. For me, I do not care about that part. What bothers me is I was on Fiverr and went on another site, so the Fiverr tab is open, email tab is open, but I am in another tab currently. My phone starts buzzing and I look I have an email, I go check the message in Gmail inbox, yes, there is message on Fiverr - but 30 minutes ago, I had to refresh the site to show me the message. So I am on the site, looking at the inbox and I do not get to see new message unless I refresh.

This is frustrating and I see the OP point, to use a refresher when you are online and actually working.

Because the site is not notifying properly and on time.

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Guest lloydsolutions

@adeelabbas891 Yes, I also use auto Refresh.

This is what can happen:

Today i got tos violation message which i am pretty surprised about i think i got this because of i use a auto refresher do anyone got an warning because of using auto refresher???
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