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  1. Thanks for the pretty suggestion @social_dr. I am not agree too take the wrong way. Many of my friends we suggesting me to take this short-cut path ( get fake reviews ) to get ranked. This is why I post it here to ask from the experts.
  2. LOL, I hope this question will clear most of people’s confusion…
  3. How to clear them ? That I can see the latest one. ALSO NOT ABLE TO SEE THE NEW ONE.
  4. Hello all, After Level 1 I’m not getting order / messages. Also almost 750+ buyer requests are showing with old dates like today is 24 july but there are also showing 23rd july, 22nd July, 21st july and so on… Should I send Requests on old Buyer requests? Please Answer. Thanks
  5. 😮 Apologies for that, I just joined this community first time. I will take care of it next time.
  6. One of my mates suggested me. But I prefer to confirm first.
  7. Alright mam, I will no follow these type of people’s instructions now…
  8. I totally agree with you. I just want expert opinions to show it to my friend that this is not the right way to achieve success
  9. Yes Jeffry. I know this is wrong. I just wanna get some feedback from expert and experienced like you.
  10. Point… This is why I prefer to ask professionals. 🙂 Thanks for your feedback.
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