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Returned after a few months but very quiet

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Hi, I needed to take some time off Fiverr to complete my studies so I’ve been away for about 9 months. I’m back now and I’ve unpaused my gig but I’ve had no messages or sales. Before, I could get between 1-3 per day. I kinda expected this to happen as I needed to be very active on here to get buyers/sales. I know it will probably take some time to get back to where I was but I’m worried that something might be wrong:

I can’t find my gig when I search for any/all of my key words. I can’t even find my user profile when I search my username. I’ve tried on a different browser, not logged in.

Any ideas?

Also - have I missed much since I’ve been gone? 😃

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I pasted her name in the search bar after Fiverr.com, so that would be different. I will go take a peek and use your method, Eoin.

Edit: Nope, I did not find it either. But I could find yours, Eoin. 😉

The profile is active but if the user doesn’t show up with the username search, it means they are not a seller. This would mean the gigs are not showing in search either. If you edited your gigs recently they may be in the queue to be approved but I suggest contacting support anyway, just to be sure.

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