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How do I cancel a scam order


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I made a request a week ago and bought an order.
My request was basically all instruction laid out.
I want the request to be done in my way.
However, the seller refuse to show any progress and kept on asking me for further funding (60 USD).
He would not give me the detail of why he need this funding.
He would not tell me what the software he want to buy is for.
He ask for 60 USD for a free to use software (uTinyRipper).
I contact customer support for like 3 times.
Perhaps because of COVID-19, I get no response.
Should I head to my bank and submit a fraud?

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If you have requested a mutual cancellation - this is the NEXT step you take if he is ignoring your messages.either - he will either l accept it, or reject it.

I would persist on cancelling- until customer service gets back to you.

If you go through paypal, or a charge back from your bank - it’s likely you will get banned from fiverr…

So you need to have some patience and wait it out.

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