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  1. I have never understood that rationale. For me - my time is valuable, not just online monetarily, but I also have a lot of important people and things that need my attention, and I enjoy tending to - OFFLINE. I can’t stand doing nothing. Sitting waiting for orders, won’t make them happen sooner, and amounts to doing nothing, but wasting valuable time! Go outside, get some fresh air, take a walk… a run …a bike ride - you’ll find that your more ready and excited about working when you do that!
  2. You can shorten it, by responding to queries faster.
  3. Just say, no - you can’t as it goes against fiverr’s TOS. I feel for the most part - that buyers trying to arrange contact outside of fiverr - likely want to see if they can get a lower price and feel they would be more likely to get one, if they could talk outside of fiverr’s constraints. A simple NO, it does against fiverr’s TOS, should suffice.
  4. Yes! Or a notification for sellers to check the details and confirm that the necessary requirements have been submitted, before the clock starts. 🕜 Because although it says to avoid friction - check the order - the clock still starts once the buyer enters info into the requirements section, even if it’s the wrong info. 😑 Nothing is worse than a buyer, not submitting all the necessary requirements - starting the clock, and not coming back online until close to when the order is due - leaving the seller in a bit of a frenzy. 😬
  5. Hi there! If you google - Can I create multiple Facebook accounts? You will find helpful information from the facebook help center. The answer is NO, facebook wants users to have one personal account, and create and manage their business account from their personal account. Facebook is very particular about users being able to identify themselves, and the potential problems that you could run into outweigh the benefits. The accounts could get locked and suspended after you create them - pending uploading ID, asking for a telephone number etc to prove identity. So, I agree with what @greystorm2 suggested - the best idea is to report the user. I would also block them as they are asking you to break TOS.
  6. Is the buyer’s profile still on fiverr, if you search it?
  7. You don’t agree to refund, as you have done the work - and… you don’t do anything for free, if the request is outside the scope of the original order specifications.
  8. LOL thanks! It’s taken almost 10 years on here to get there! :+1:t4:
  9. Oh well, if that’s the case - and you saw zero results from their advertising… it’s understandable, if you give a less than stellar review. 3.7 is quite a ding to the seller’s rating. Obviously now - you just don’t purchase from them again. Take care! Stay safe!
  10. You don’t have to review immediately, even if fiverr’s prompting you to - so you can give it time. I think you have a few days before it automatically is marked as complete. Once you write a review you cannot amend it… so depending on the type of service you purchase - it is sometimes important to wait that few days out … so you can see if there is any indication of satisfactory results OR not. A poor, or less than satisfactory review - is potentially detrimental to a seller, and unfair - if you realize later, that their service was as described. Reviews are highly important, so review with caution please. 🌻
  11. Exactly what @looseink said. I’d add also that most often buyers that only want to spend $5 - or try and barter - seem to be the worst to deal with from my experience. That $5 means a lot to them, and they expect way too much for it.
  12. Exactly! That is what I just said above… however you said “before starting the gig, was there an issue on the first job that I received only a 3 star rating” which is a comment that could get your account flagged. Never mention review or rating, to be on the safe side.
  13. Glad you got it sorted out but …it’s dangerous to even mention a previous rating/review though. That can get you flagged… so my suggestion would be to avoid it.
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