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Are they really buyers or fake?


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Hello, everyone. I don’t whether I should post it here or not. I found some buyer in another marketplace. They posted to contact them through mail. I contacted them through mail.This was the first person.

screencapture-mail-google-mail-u-0-2020-03-28-09_37_471366×2740 811 KB

I contacted with another person who asked me for same job. Check this:

screencapture-mail-google-mail-u-0-2020-03-28-09_40_301366×1776 792 KB

Then I got another person:

screencapture-mail-google-mail-u-0-2020-03-28-09_39_501366×2678 865 KB

In the first and third image I have highlighted a portion. The mails are sent from two different person but looking like same.
Moreover, the first person wants to make a simple website and want to give $750-$1500. The second one made the same reply. Please check this and give me suggestion what I should do.
Thank you

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Don’t message outside the Fiverr. This will cause you to get warnings even suspensions. Most of the buyers who try to contact you outside the Fiverr are not legit. Better to refrain from them.

I have told at the beginning that I didn’t get them from fiverr. And I know this rule. Thank you

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Nobody says their budget is between $750-1500. They might say 750-800 or 1300-1500, not 750-1500.

Buyers who insist on a check are likely to be scamming. This type of scam involves them sending a check for more than you agree. They then ask you to send the difference back to them by PayPal. When you do that they cancel the check.

Stay away from these wastes of time.

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