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  1. Hi Fellow Sellers, I came across a top buyer who posted a buyer request asking for some articles. In his request, he mentioned to write a sample article on a certain topic and send it to him with the request. Since I don’t provide any sample articles before the order, I didn’t send any articles with the buyer request. But later on, he messaged me and inquired about the sample. Since he had good reviews and top buyer without any hesitation, I went to write a 500-word sample article for him before placing the order. Once he got the article, I didn’t get any response from him. But today, I found that my article was posted on a blog. I didn’t expect such behaviour from a top buyer. Have any of you come across situations like this? What should be done to claim my copyrights?
  2. You’re not allowed mention any country names. Its against the forum rules. Please edit as required!
  3. You can’t have 2 accounts with same GIG category using the same internet connection. This is probably because you have the same type of GIGs
  4. Hi sellers, I recently saw a post in a blog saying that we can use the method to reach to more clients by advertising our gigs as FB campaigns. Is this something Fiverr allows? Isn’t it against ToS?
  5. No. It’s available for some of the level 2 people as well
  6. It’s only available for few sellers. It will roll out to others soon
  7. Yes. Normally if it related with GIGs, they mention it. This can be due to a some other reason. It is better we wait for CS reply!
  8. It doesn’t matter you were online or offline at that time. Once you have break the TOS, they will check and send the warning message later. So you might have broke the TOS one or two days before.
  9. You don’t believe, I saw this BR more than 5 times in different days. So I just checked the username of the person who posted it. Believe or not it was from a seller who has a Article writing GIG. I just don’t want to mention his country due to rules in the forum. But it is sad to see these types of people here.
  10. There can be several reasons for this. I can’t exactly predict what it is. Possible reasons can be these. Creating a GIG which violates TOS Having arguments with buyers Some GIGs have been reported Using plugins/extensions like Auto Refresher Favourite Exchanges etc… It can be due to one of the above reasons. But it is better to confirm it from CS.
  11. Yes, In recent times, I see so many buyer requests asking to go to a shorten link to see the article format they want or blogspot post URL and saying I want an article like this bla bla. Total waste of time. New Sellers easily get caught to such scenarios where they pretend to pay more. We need to have an option to report those buyer requests and wipe these profiles from Fiverr.
  12. You have elaborated good points. Thanks for that! But my question is, yes there are many sellers promoting others gigs. But when we look at their profiles, they don’t have high number of orders or reviews. So if this works well, why don’t they use it to promote their service and increase orders?
  13. @wp_kid some people say not to create new GIGs due to this update? Is it ok to create? Will it get ranked these days?
  14. Report this. This is pure scam! If he wants support related with Upwork, he should have posted this on Upwork not here.
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