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Hi! My name is Wéllyngton Fernandes and I'm from Santa Catarina, Brazil 🇧🇷

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I’m here to share my skills as a translator!
I’ve been studying english for about 9 years already and ever since I started, I tend to consume most of, if not all, the content on the internet in english such as videos on Youtube, podcasts, TV Shows and movies on Netflix, forums and sites, softwares, news and many other things.
I realized recently how effortless it is to me to translate from english to my native tongue, brazilian portuguese, so I decided to register myself as a beginner translator over here and make an extra buck.
I hope to be useful for anyone in need of this translation pair.
Please feel absolutely free to contact me!
I’m here to grow as a translator and as a person.

I wish everyone the best.
Have an amazing day 🙂

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Hello @wellyngtonfer - what an intriguing name you have! Is it pronounced like the British “Wellington” or is there an accent in it?

Your English is very good, very smooth - your nine years of study has done you a service. 🙂 Welcome to Fiverr, I hope you find great success here!

It is a very different name indeed! haha

The acute accent (´) indicates a stress point. For example, “nice” is pronounced “náice” over here.

If I were to read “nice” in PT-Br it would sound like “neece” for you.

My name was supposed to be William, but my dad insisted in Wéllyngton.

I grew to like it anyways 😆

Thank you very much! I wish you all the best aswell!

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