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Why am i not getting any hits on my gigs?


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Here is the thing: we would love to tell you how to earn money in general as a freelancer and hotly on fiverr but there is no simple formula that will work for everybody.
What works for some people doesn’t work for others. And you’ll spend more than one minute on the forum you’ll see that the most asked question here is how to make money. And the second most asked question is “I did everything as you advices so why I still don’t have orders”.

It’s the same here as in any business some people will make it some wouldn’t. It’s only up to you to start testing and learning and seeing what will work for you.
For me it took a year to build my business (I’m not talking only about fiverr though). It took a lot of testing, trying, changing, adjusting, learning new skills etc. And during this period you almost don’t get anything in return until you find the right formula that works for YOU.

Edit: i also had a look at your gig and I’m sure it’s not helping to have 7.8 score for the English basics test. I’m a non native speaker with a higher score but I would never offer writing services to be honest.

Also this is literally name of your gigs :
“I will poems that will make you woah” :woman_shrugging:
Not a great start for a writing gig.

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Along with the previous comment, your gig has a variety of issues that you should look at.
First paragraph:
Are you looking for unique content? Or you might be looking for some SEO content just to increase the traffic on you’re site Or perhaps you are looking for someone to describe you’re product in a form article to increase it’s sales?
The above has enough errors to make a buyer wince but even if they decided they wanted to order a 1000 word article then this happens…
Option 1 is priced at $1/100 words but costs $15?
Option 2 is priced at $2/100 words but costs $30?
Option 3 is priced at $3/100 words but costs $45?

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