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How I got first 5 orders?


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Dear All,

I created my Fiverr profile back in Dec 2017. After that, I never checked it back until April 2019 when a friend asked me ‘are you working on Fiverr’, I said ‘no’. She told me that she is earning good and the last order she got was of $200, she further told me that she is level one seller.

I made my mind to invest time on Fiverr, although It has always been very difficult for me to take up a new challenge when returns are not very quick and sure. Her words ‘the last order was of $200’ made my mind that Fiverr is something that really pays you and not like many other website who say ‘earn $500 online in one month’.

I updated my profile, added new gigs, and tried reading on the forum. I kept on reading forum threads, watched youtube videos about improving gigs and ranking. Later, I found a free course on Fiverr ‘online freelacning essentianls’ and finished this course.

What made me consistently struggling in learning and improving about Fiverr gigs was that one sentence ‘the last order was $200’.

Then I made a few mistakes related to violation of Fiver policy, but thanks to friends in Forum, they informed me about forum’s policy and I managed to change my gig accordingly.

Finally, the time came after 1 month, when I got my first order of $50 dollar, and I was so happy, I made huge effort in delivering perfectly.

Then, I kept on reading tips and tricks in Fiverr and Youtube about others’ experiences; which helped me alot to learn how to improve.

Following are some of those tips which helped me getting orders;

  1. Before I created only 2 gigs, later I discovered having more gigs increases the chance to get orders, so I made all 7/7

  2. I tried lowering my prices as compared to competitor’s gigs. That worked because customers (not all/ some) prefer lower-priced gigs especially when they don’t want very highly professional work as they may have a low budget.

  3. I added nice/catchy gig images that you could make in any online graphic designing website, this will catch the attention of visitors. You will find a change in the ratio of impression to click to orders after applying this tip.

  4. I tried to rank my gigs (although I am still struggling to rank top on the first page) with the help of only one tip. And that tip is to try find relevant and most searched keywords for your gig that appear when someone as a buyer search for some keywords, all you need to add these keywords in title, description etc, particularly in the first paragraph of your gigs’s.description. This tip is a bit difficult to explain shortly here, you must check youtube for it.

  5. Add videos in the gallery of gig’s, this will keep visitors busy for some more time on your gig, this tip will not only increase chances of converting gig visitors into customers but also increase the search rank of your gig.

  6. Keywords should come in your profile slogan, skills, a profile description, the title of the gig, description of gig etc.

  7. Add your previous work as Blogspot/youtube etc link in all your gigs, customers want to trust you before placing the order. So help them immediately in gaining confidence that you will not ruin their money. If you don’t have an order before, try doing something related to your gig for an imaginary customer and make a portfolio, place the link of this work in your gig.

  8. Try reading people like me who are only 1-months ahead of you, stay away from level 2 or top buyers, they will devastate your interest and motivation by either giving you high targets or complex tips.

  9. My best tip, many of us don’t find enough buyer’s request in their buyer’s request section. Without sending buyers request newbie cannot easily ger orders. So, how to increase buyers’ request being shown to you. The answer is ‘try differ hour each day and find the best hour’ based on your current location Fiverr shows you buyer request but the number of buyers requests depends on when you check buyers’ request. I tried 8-10 pm, I found on average 1-2 buyers request, later I tried 7-10 am and found 9-10 am is the best time. In this hour I find on average greater than 10, particularly on Monday, I find 40 plus buyers requests being shown to me.

  10. Some times buyers request are not relevant to us, that means your broader category of gigs are ok but subcategories are not suitable, change them until very suitable buyers request are being shown to you.

Now I have 3 good reviews and 5 orders completed. I wish I could help other serious sellers in getting orders and earn. That is why I wrote this post to encourage you to keep learning for earning, improve your skills and gain confidence with these small and big achievements in life.

Please let us all know which tip number you find useful.

Good luck friends, love you all.

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