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  1. yes i send my work all time using zip file
  2. @aone33 i think the best way for zip file if you share because here many file
  3. @ashraful231 try to red all comment i think you get your answer
  4. @sajeelali if this is your first-time withdrawal you should be wait some more time if every think ok on your Fiverr and Payoneer account you get your balance, if your not received your balance you contact with Fiverr and Payoneer customar support i think its help for you
  5. Hello forattnpress, hope your doing good 🙂 yes Fiverr have lots of good Freelancer, They can provide Quality work all time Thanks
  6. @clauikins basically in recent time many freelancer work in Fiverr, many competition in this marketplace, my suggestions for you try to submit buyer request and also improve GIG Quality
  7. you can use " flickr.com " website for store your work Portfolio, also you can use flickr link in your Fiverr GIG description
  8. @hngraphix no Fiverr not allow dribbble or behance portfolio link,
  9. @nihalzaps Welcome Fiverr and hope your success
  10. @giftedsanjay Welcome Fiverr, hope your Success 🙂
  11. @alexcastia Welcome Fiverr, hope your success 🙂
  12. Hello @seo_nazim try to look all information here, hope its help for you Thanks
  13. @zisan377 when you have good time try to look at this post: i think its help for your success Fiverr.com Fiverr's Terms of ServiceOne marketplace, millions of professional services. Browse. Buy. Done.
  14. @baharuddin77 this is a not good images for crating GIG try to use different images
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