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Jan 1: Discussing for Dollars (High Dollar Case Study for Level 2 Sellers)


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One of my favorite methods to drive sales volume on Fiverr is to have “Discussions for Dollars”.

The method is very simple. You go to Fiverr.com/conversations and look at your discussions with prospects and past customers. One by one, you open the conversation; review it; decide on the right course of action; and activate the plan.

Usually, there are only three sensible courses of action after reviewing the discussion.

I. Archive the discussion because the prospect is disqualified for one or more reasons.

II. Re-engage the discussion about a gig you offer that they inquired about and suggest that NOW is a great time to complete that order and get started.

III. Redirect the discussion into buying one of your other offerings.

November and December have been very slow sales times on Fiverr. So, today I decided to do some Discussing or Dollars as the ultimate test. I sent out about 25 messages and archived another 12 past discussions.

The next morning when I logged on I had one case of hate mail from someone who seemed to think it was crazy and a waste of their time to contact them and encourage getting started with a copywriting project they initiated contact with me about in early December (they also “reported me” for the contact).

I also had 2 “No, thank yous” (They went another way or no longer want to pursue the channels about which they first contacted. me.

I also had two orders.

And today the orders continued. The few orders that came in today were high dollar orders generating about a $300 day in total at the time of writing this case study report.

Obviously, Discussing for Dollars must be done by people who are level 2 or higher because if you’re level 1 and have 50 to 100 conversations about working that didn’t get you to level 2, there’s another problem. But more to the point, you shouldn’t use the forum or other “sources” to "contact people cold"

This strategy works because there is a relationship and you’re doing what any good business does…FOLLOW UP.

It’s true that the fortune is in the follow up and with Discussing for Dollars, you can create a boom of sales almost on demand during those down times that inevitably come.

Please reply to this post with any experiences you’ve had “Discussing for Dollars”, as well as, any commitments you’re going to make to do so in the future.

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Hi and thanks for the tips anarchofighter.

I am Level 1 still but…not at all a bad idea. Always have to be careful with communication though. As you say, not everybody appreciates a sudden “hi, hello, have a nice day…”.

happy new year and lots of sales, dear fiverrs 🙂


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