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Yesterday i got an order for some fixiing in mobile view or responsive


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Yesterday I got an order for some fixing in mobile view or responsive…He asks me about price I think he was not happy with the price
but he buys my service without asking me anything and gives me a google doc
I follow this and do this after 3-4 hours
Today he back again in Fiverr and request me for money back without any reason
he can’t tell me any problem, every time he messages me for refund
But I did all the work as he wants and I show him…
Now what can I do please help

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I would first try to explain to the buyer that you completed the work he requested. I’m assuming you already did that, and he won’t budge on the matter. In this case, I’ve only seem one side of the story, so I have to assume you’re correct in saying you did the job in a satisfactory manner according to the buyers instructions. If that is the case, you could reach out to customer support for help.

He has no right to a refund if you did the job according to the instructions the buyer provided. But these matters are always difficult, because the buyer can claim one thing, and you another. Sometimes it’s a matter of bad communication and misunderstandings, other times it’s a matter of buyers trying to get work done for free by abusing the sellers.

I recommend trying to solve this by reaching out to customer support, and ask them to look at the situation, rather than trying to fight with the buyer over this. Keep in mind that this can end up with a result you won’t be happy with, namely that the CS team will decide to give the buyer the refund. This is a risk, but it won’t benefit you in the long term to fight over this with the buyer.

I hope this works out for you!

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