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What Fiverr, the largest marketplace for services starting at $5, really means


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Today I got a message from a buyer who said this to me:

Hi! So far no delivery, no nothing, except your PDF. I guess you still plan to look over my salescopy. Sorry to say, but you cannot offer smth for 5USD, then ask for 40USD just to make you start working. I don’t think that this is an acceptable move. Of course you cannot check everything for 5USD, but have to provide at least some points. If you don’t like please refund. Thanks!

I wish I could tell you how long this person has been a member of Fiverr.com. However, that feature for buyers is now gone 😦 All that being said, I assume he’s either very new…or has purchased only from sellers who are very new have haven’t yet leveled up. I did a google search to see if he’s left any feedback on fiverr with no results.

Now, the first tip to buyers is of course to read the gig and watch the video.

The gig in question has the following “gig extras” and gig description.


Now of course all “gig descriptions” are limited in words and as such can never be perfectly communicating to anyone.

My second tip to the seller is to have empathy.

I delivered on the order on the eve of a major holiday in just 3 hours. I sent a message showing how best to use the checklist and swipe-file. Along with this, I included reminders about the gig extras.

The seller asked me if I would “Take a look” at his copy. Which I did as a curtsey. Now, when this kind of request comes to me either in a message or on a gig I frequently say, "Based on a number of factors I don’t think (or I do recommend) this gig will be right for you."

In this case I said, based on what I’ve seen, not only did I think it was a good choice for him to get the upgrade. But that because he was from Hong Kong and not a native English speaker that the $40 gig extra would be the best fit.

In addition to this, I sent a video that showed how to leave feedback if he didn’t want to go further or to reach out if he had any other questions about the gig extras. At no time did he express any displeasure in the delivered materials. In fact, it seemed to an honest broker that he was saying, hey could you take a look (in light of the information you sent. I see from that information you’re an expert and I’m wondering if I could use you more).

Have empathy with sellers. Understand we’re set our prices the lowest they can be for the service. Extra messages back and forth eat into our time. Almost all of us are happy to provide support and followup. But remember, to (a) ask nicely, (b) be transparent with your feelings and orientation (if you’re unhappy be clear about it not try to grind “happiness” out of us), and © be patient with time zones and other reply time differences.

I suspect this buyer will follow the video I sent him to request a refund. And, I’m happy to give it. And he may wonder why I wouldn’t just capitulate to “make him happy” or “keep the order”, etc.

Here’s why…

As I’d personally love to go an additional ten times above and beyond for everyone, it would be a huge dishonor to the people who engaged me according to the public offer, take my professional advice when its offered, and paid for the extras.

It dishonors them to change the game for the “squeaky wheel”. So better for me and my expertise to be “dishonored” with a refund (remember, not all refunds dishonor me. Not all offerings and products are for all people. This buyer WANTS what I have. He just wants it for less than others have paid) then to penalize the people who make fiverr such a wonderful place that I expect to be here for years to come.

Bonus tip: When you pay the minimum, you make it very easy for sellers to walk away.

If he had paid $40 more and wanted a few more tips, I’d have been much more inclined to give them. But at $5, I have to ask as would any rational person, how much more time can I devote to earning $4.
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I am on fiverr for i think 1-1 1/2 years. Look… You spend, how long… maybe 30 Minutes to write this post. On your gig you offer to check salescopies, starting with 5USD. What you deliver is relatively useless that I can probably download on some torrent sites. You delivered ZERO analysis concerning the site that I have send to you. For 5 USD of course I don’t expect much, but at least that you read the copy and send at least 3-4 sentences with feedback. If you never intentend to do this, why do you offer this GIG in the first place? In my option this is near to a “scam”. Next time start your gig with 40USD minimum and don’t pretend to offer ANYTHING for 5USD. All the best anyway.

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Matt, that’s really surprising that you’ve been around Fiverr that long and are so completely confused about how it works here.

I’m always here on the forum helping people, for not pay at all…as it were. And the post has taken a lot more than it might have taken were I to disregard my principles and past customers and do whatever arbitrary, ill defined and not purchased thing you wanted from me.

There are two things that are sad to me.

First, it’s sad you didn’t see that as an indication of the kind of dedication you’d get if you purchased it from me.

And, second, I’m sorry you didn’t like the $5 offer.

But it doesn’t promise any “analysis of your copy” … and it’s very clear on that point, the $5 purchase is guaranteed. I did look at your copy, and interestingly I did write you a sincere recommendation because of English not being your first language that the video would probably be the right choice.

This is one of the problem with folks who want to dictate what the offer is, they tend to be the kinds of people who think they’re reasonable but really aren’t. Think they want something small–but really want one thing small after another.

While you’re objectively wrong about the value in the document…and if you can download my document on a torrent site it’s only because people are violating my copyrights…

…the truly sad part is you seem to be so committed to being right, you’re paralyzed and I suspect didn’t even consume the material with honesty and integrity.

Now had you wanted more, you would have it for more than twice what you thought fair for $5 with the full 10 point review for $5 more or a word-for-word video review for $40.

Your final comment is confused and gain surprises me if you’re an active fiverr users (by the way, why no feedback for anyone?).

It is improper to offer something on fiverr that initially costs more than $5.

That is a violation of the system. That would be the "scam"

But there is no “scam” here and you can know it because

a) I offered to make you whole if you were unhappy (I just wasn’t willing to dishonor others because of your view of the situation and let you dictate my terms),

b) I offered to do more than you asked for $5 more or $40 more…also not a lot of money and

c) I have AMAZING/STELLAR feedback.

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Are both people involved here sellers on fiverr?

If so, imo I feel it is unprofessional for sellers to debate it on this forum if potential buyers can read it too. I hope I am wrong and they cannot read here. Please stop you both have really valid opinions on this but it is such a big subject - the whole fiverr concept and what it results in… please dont attack me - I just feel uncomfortable reading 2 sellers on here like this and think others might too. thanks

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Reply to @sliverfox: No, he is not a seller.

I’m curious what “valid point” you think he made. And I’m sincerely a little worried in asking. I don’t want you to feel “attacked” … but since I don’t think anyone has attacked anyone here… I’m not sure how to navigate that potential feeling for you.

For me and my experience with this buyer, his points translate to… "I should be able to demand something you don’t offer and I shouldn’t have to pay the gig extra for it because this website if “Fiverr” not 10er or 45er."

And, I’m not “upset” I just said.

  1. You can refund your order and we can part with no hard feelings.
  2. You can pay the $5 or $40 upgrade for not only what you want but more
  3. I’m firm on this because I have nearly 500 feedbacks from people who love my core offering and gig extras.

    PS If you see someone with a “Sheep symbol” they are rarely a seller (unless they’re very new, had a run in with terms-of-service, or are very bad at it!) As you can see Matty is a sheep.

    PPS We don’t delete peoples opposition on the forum. The thread was tips for buyers to avoid the situation he had. But he will not be censored because he hijacks it into something else.
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sliverfox said: I just feel uncomfortable reading 2 sellers on here like this and think others might too.


I came up with one other question. What did you experience that you think would be bad for buyers to read rather an instructive.


It's a valid point you make. Almost anything that someone can think or feel someone will think or fell. And as long as someone can think or feel it, several people probably will.


I'm wondering if you can put into words the source of your response. I reread and cannot see it (but I know the private exchange that hasn't been made public so that could be a bias I cannot avoid).


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Oh boy 🙂

I’d like to agree with the point you made about how much more can one do for a buyer for four dollars. I do ask myself this often when I get a sour one…lol

But what I wanted to add to this point was not clear I’m sorry for that about that, but that the whole concept of a fiverr sometimes for me has caused a little misunderstanding regarding what one is offering for a fiverr 🙂

To answer your question about what i think the public may think is not constructive: just sellers disagreeing about a fiverr deal.

hey, can I ask you a question… what does your username represent?

Have a good one people 🙂

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@matt1784 I think there is a fundamental misunderstanding here. @anarchofighter stated he took a quick look at your copy, but that is not part of the basic gig and maybe you have misconstrued that as it being part of the basic gig. If you refer back to the order page, or just scroll up the page here, for the gig in question you will see it states very clearly that “for 5$ more I will dig into your copy and analyze it” based on the document that he sent you.

You stated that “You delivered ZERO analysis concerning the site that I have send to you” but once again if you refer back to the gig in question the base gig is not for a site analysis and I suspect you may have misunderstood this because he said he took a quick look at the site. Please do not take this as an insult. I am just stating what I see to be the issue based on the facts presented here and am not taking sides with anyone.

@anarchofighter your document is being shared elsewhere and I am sure you will find it pretty quickly but I do not want to post anything on here regarding that for obvious reasons.

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sliverfox said:

hey, can I ask you a question.. what does your username represent?




My name here on fiverr, AnarchoFighter represents that I"m a revolutionary. That I'm an anarchist. I oppose systems of coercive control/government upon the people. I don't oppose all governance. But I insist upon the consent of the governed.


I oppose the idea that there can be a "crime" without a victim. And where there is no crime there should be no agency of punishment.



This video will make it clearer where I stand on activism and revolution.

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anarchofighter said: It is improper to offer something on fiverr that initially costs more than $5.


Hi anarchofighter

I just came here to have a quick look as I saw this link in another thread, but the whole discussion is very interesting. I just have one question, I didn't understand what you mean exactly by the sentence I quoted. Can you please explain a bit? :-)




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I recently saw a gig where the seller stated in their gig description that the gig will cost $15. This is NOT ALLOWED. The seller had no $5 product. Not only is it misleading for the buyer, but it is bad for the seller. Imagine orders being placed and cancelled when the buyer realizes (either by reading the entire description or by the seller hounding them for more money) that they won’t get anything at all.

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And interesting follow up, the original buyer sent me a message with a very STRANGE job offer that may or may not fit Fiverr’s terms of service. I suspect it did not since it was sent as a text file (with no formatting) and required downloading software!

…Uh huh… you jerk me around on some bs… call me a scamer (projection maybe) and then ask me for a favour?

Burn bridges much?

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Guest celticmoon

@anarchofighter So, are you gonna do the job for $5, or $45? (*) ~lol~

P.S. Re: your much-earlier-in-thread comment about the sheeple icon, I have a sheeple, too, but I’ve been here since 2012, am a good lady, no big trouble with Fiverr overlords! Techies in CS have no idea why the sheep follows me around the forums, esp. since my profile pic shows up on the forum sign-in page, "Welcome, celticmoon (with your red, white & blue creatures, now we give you a blah sheep. Have fun! Be good!)"

Rock on, anarcho!

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Guest smartwebcontent

Unfortunately in life, some people are just never pleased. You can offer them the stars and sky, yet they want the universe. You offer them that too and they want the multiverse.

It is the way of the world unfortunately.

I would like to think that the great Fiverr Team do their best to look after the great sellers.

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