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How can i get my first order on fivver


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Hi Hiteshpatel6979.
Don’t worry, you are not the first person you came here to ask that, but you will get a constructive answer anyways.
First thing you wanna do, is to think of a great gig, see if it is worth investing on it. For example, check on what people nowadays are more interested!
Second thing, after you have your idea, you have to make it revolutionary: Make something other people haven’t done yet, add a video, spice things up that will call people’s attention.
Third thing, try to lower your prices, add Extra Gigs and make a Constructive Description and Q&A. People will know you are competent on what you are doing and with all that, you are the right candidate.
Fourth thing, check out what other people search more in relation to the Gig you created. For example, add some tags that are much used so you have more chances to appear on the first page of their results.
Fifth thing is patience: A seller has to wait for people to come, appreciate. You are not a special guy neither are all of us. Wait until your first order comes, and until then try making everything you do better 🙂 .
Best Regards and Luck to your Gig.

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