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Forgot to attach local bank account

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I forgot to attach my bank account when I created fiverr account. But already I delivered three orders and my client pay me. Already it is showing that it is processing. 14 days to withdrawal. But unfortunately I don’t remember that I attached bank account. How can i check I have already attached bank account. Please help me.

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It seems that the time when you wrote it, your funds were being processed (it usually takes about 30 days I think).
Once Fiverr has cleared your funds, then they are shown as ‘ready for withdrawl’.
This simply means that they are ready and you can withdraw and put them in your account whenever you want.
And to do that, just go to your settings and click the option of bank withdrawl/PayPal (whatever suits you).
You will then get an email with instructions, which you can follow and take money out of fiverr.

So don’t worry, if you haven’t added an account yet, it’s fine. Your fiverr profile can keep that balance for you, until you are ready to put the whole amount in your bank/PayPal.

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