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  1. I am a regular seller in fiverr. I want to buy few services, so can I use my seller account for buying service from seller?
  2. How to add funds on fiverr as a buyer?
  3. I forgot to attach my bank account when I created fiverr account. But already I delivered three orders and my client pay me. Already it is showing that it is processing. 14 days to withdrawal. But unfortunately I don’t remember that I attached bank account. How can i check I have already attached bank account. Please help me.
  4. Thanks for your reply. How can I check that my attached bank details is correct or proper embedded.
  5. I got 3 orders. I delivered 3 orders. Clients released funds. So it is showing that 1 order will be cleared on May 1, and other 2 will be 5th May and 6th May. On May 1, can I withdraw money from a local bank? I set up a Bank transfer when I created this account.
  6. If possible, please change your description. Please mention your skill in description area.
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