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  1. Hello Jonathan, I can see that you have 1 pdf file in your gig “I will do-professional-conversion-of-any-image-to-vector” , you should remove contact info and other portfolio site from since it’s forbidden. You should create portfolio at one of the allowed sites: The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description: ammyy.comblogspot.comdafont.comdailymotion.comflickr.commixcloud.comreverbnation.comsoundcloud.comteamviewer.comtumblr.comvimeo.comwetransfer.comwikipedia.orgwordcounter.netyoutube.comIf you don’t want your work with buyer’s review to show on your gig, go to Gigs, click on the arrow on the right and untick live portfolio option, so your deliveries won’t show up in the gallery. You can turn in back on at any time. Contact Customer Support and ask them to remove that sample from your gallery.
  2. You can recreate it, but if you use stolen description or images your gig will be removed again which may lead to account warning or even suspension.
  3. Everything about lack of buyer request is explained here, check it out:
  4. Hello, If your buyer is using PayPal for purchase, then they will have to pay in USD (conversion rate fees may apply here). Read more here: https://buyers.fiverr.com/en/article/paying-with-your-local-currency You will be paid in USD. You can change your currency to £ (just for convenience) at the bottom of every Fiverr page. I think if your PayPal account is set to £, you’ll receive payments from Fiverr in pounds.
  5. Keep in mind that unleveled sellers see few to no buyer requests at all. Read more here:
  6. Hello, Applying to buyer request is free. You can send up to free 10 proposals a day.
  7. Hello, In order to see buyer requests you must have at least one active gig. Keep in mind that new sellers see very few buyer requests. My suggestion is to browse through desired category and find the seller that can complete your task.
  8. Everything about withdrawing funds and minimum withdrawal amount is explained here: https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/withdrawing-funds ☀️
  9. You can’t change the price of the order after delivery. Your only solution is to send cancellation request to the buyer and send them new offer with new price after they accepted cancellation request. ☀️
  10. No, your account won’t be closed if you’re inactive from Fiverr.
  11. Hello, You will have to submit a ticket to Customer Support and request your funds to be transferred back to your back account/credit card. ☀️
  12. Like ksutts said every cancellation will affect your order completion rate. If you browse around the forum, you’ll find cases where sellers contacted Customer Support to cancel an order for them and it didn’t affect their order completion rate. You can send custom offers to your clients if the requirements are larger than gig scope or price. Read more here: https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/offering-extra-services-within-an-active-order Clients can only leave ratings on completed orders. ☀️
  13. Click on Switch to Buying on the top right-hand corner of the screen, click on desired (sub)category and browse around these categories. ☀️
  14. Hello, Have you tried checking your gig gallery using different browser or clearing cache and cookies on the current one? In the 1st gig I can see 3 of your samples + 1 delivered work sample; 3 samples in the 2nd gig and two samples on your 3rd gig. Hope this helps. ☀️
  15. You will have to ask Customer Support for permission to create new account. It is their decision if you can create it or not.
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