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How many of your clients "disappear"?


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For the last few weeks my sales in Fiverr have increased considerably. This is good news, of course. But I also realized that now I have more clients, or that feeling I have, that they “disappear” after receiving their delivery. Before, I had the feeling that everyone told me what they thought and many asked for revisions. Now not even that. How many of your clients do you have news after delivery? If they do not tell you anything, do you contact them before the order closes alone? Do you get many reviews compared to the orders received? Thanks to everyone beforehand!

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Thanks! But I maintain a high level of communication throughout the process … I sincerely believe that it is the increase in the number of orders. I have no other explanation …

I didn’t suggest or mean that you don’t communicate. What I said is that communication on the part of the buyer is inherently part of my work, so in my case there is no reason why they would disappear like you were describing.

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I don’t think it is anything to do with what you are doing wrong.

You rock, and that shows! 🙂

I try to go above and beyond for my clients, this builds a major trust level and makes them appreciate me more as a human being and not just a “hired robot”.


Thanks for your answer 🙂

Normally I communicate with them:

-When they make the order, to thank the trust and resolve doubts if I have them.

-If I have any doubts during the process.

  • When I deliver it, with a detailed explanation of what the file contains. I indicate aspects about the process that are of interest and I remind you that they have revisions and that I await your feedback. Also, I add it and it is true, your satisfaction is my first objective.

It’s what I’ve been doing since the beginning and I have not had any problems. Now I notice that many of them do not respond and don’t request revisions either.

I have had a horrible review recently (of course I understand that I had to pass, the more you have, the more complex to keep the 5 stars) and I was very surprised because the person never gave me a single feedback of the work. I delivered the punctual order, with an extensive explanation (your order was out of the ordinary) about my approach and why. I never knew anything else: no comments, no reviews (he had 3) or anything. Then he said that I had delivered something he had not ordered … but he explained it in the reviews section. It’s not entirely true (no at all i fact), I simply made a recommendation of what degree of concreteness I would give to his request.

I want to prevent this from happening again, but does that mean that I will have to talk to all the customers whose order is going to close on its own? I have had more clients in the last 10 days than in two months … It has really been an almost inexplicable boom.

Thanks for your help,


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