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Can I use my work in my portfolio?




A buyer ordered a business card design a year ago. Today he messaged me today that I don’t have the right to use the business card in my portfolio since it had their brand logo. I told him okay, I will remove it and I did remove it but he reported me to Fiverr and saying I am violating the Fiverr TOS like I created the business card for him so why I can’t show it as a sample of my work and if he says I don’t want it shown then okay I did remove it. But am I violating Fiverr TOS?? Can I show things I create in my portfolio??


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Better to ignore clients that threatens. It’s better if you protect your account at all times.

Yeah! Like why they threaten us. Even though I removed it from my gig image. It’s totally my work I created for him. Now how he can say “who give you permission to use it without our company permission in your work portfolio” 😦

Was just asking to know if this is okayyy!

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All though you designed the cards you no longer own them when your client purchased them. If your client approves it to be used it will show up on your live portfolio automatically.

I could see why the client would report you since a business card may have his name, address, contact info, work title, picture, etc.

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