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  1. The idea is to actually meet the needs of your acquaintances, friends, etc. If you feel confident that you’ll a great work, then you shouldn’t be afraid.
  2. Wordpress service is highly competitive, I’ll recommend that you get closes friends to boost feedback and metrics to your account so that can help get you to page 1 eventually.
  3. Some clients are not friendly enough to let you show sample on your portfolio. It’s better if you just recreate few ideas on your own and use them as sample so that you don’t get in trouble.
  4. Better to ignore clients that threatens. It’s better if you protect your account at all times.
  5. Make sure you use google keyword planner or copy the same of your competitors so that you can compete with them.
  6. You’re welcome. It’s not complicated to get orders, let them to submit orders or send them a custom order and build metrics and reviews to start taking off in this Fiverr arena.
  7. Fast way to start getting orders is to gain reviews. You can let friends about your service and ask them to purchase and share their experience when you a complete a project. From there you’ll start to get orders.
  8. Try to answer them the best of your knowledge. What matters is your ability to give them the ability that you know how to throw yourself on the water.
  9. @hamzakhan103 As a beginner not having enough sales and no metrics, try to get trusting people (either local or international) to evaluate your service by purchasing your gig. It’s important that you give the best way possible your service and keep everything professional. It worked for me when I started and from there, Fiverr will help you push your gigs to the top
  10. I’m here within the next 30 minutes to help you on anything regarding selling on Fiverr and how you can grow 🙂
  11. No, it’s not against Fiverr’s policies. It’s wrong if you ask someone for a review in exchange of profit. For example: asking a seller to leave a 5 star for $5.
  12. You can shorten clearance time once you become a top rated seller (payment clearance up to 7 days) Keep up the good work and soon you’ll get there.
  13. You don’t have to worry about this, either promote your gigs to get sales so your account metrics can increase or just wait. Still 90% rating is good to be promoted to the next level 2
  14. Perfect!!! Now provide the best service so you can grow.
  15. Maybe you had your account on vacation/holiday/temporary mode? Check the metrics and you’ll see better what’s going on.
  16. You need to wait until the buyer give you a review. That’s where you can place a review for them. For faster result, ask them to share their experience with your service by leaving a review, and you can go ahead leave them one and gain metrics.
  17. Once the client contact you, you can send them samples or let them know to ask for samples of your service.
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