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When will Voice-Overs arrive to FIVERR PRO?


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I from time to time helplessly check the Fiverr Pro categories, to no avail. As expected, voice overs are still not a thing on Fiverr Pro. And, suddenly, whilst thinking how long it’s been since it all begun, this idea came through my mind. Like a bullet. It hit fast, and deep. And so, fellow forum users, I came up with this singular petition to the Fiverr crew.

Once upon a time, our fellow @eoinfinnegan wrote:

Honestly, you need more unproductive days at the office

Hence, I present to you all:

Some disclaimers:

  • I’m no pro singer.
  • English is not my main language, kindly dismiss any misspells or misspronounciations.
  • This is all just for the lols, don’t take it too seriously.
  • Placed it under “my gigs” category to prevent the “you are promoting your services” discussion.

Hope you all had some great vacations!

Mod note: Moved category to ensure it is seen by Torrelles’ legions of fans.
This is not a self promo video, it is comedic genius along with a delightful singing voice.


Guys, we did it. I received a very special private message today.



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