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My video did not pass the editorial review. Why?


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Hi ! I’ve make a new video for my gig but after I change this one on my gig I receive that:

Dear the_oak,
Thanks for uploading a video for your Gig ‘create a unique, animated lyric video for you’. Unfortunately, your video did not pass our editorial review due to the following:

This video was flagged for containing adult, offensive or inappropriate content. Fiverr is open to everyone and attracts buyers of all ages and nationalities. We need you to help us maintain a marketplace that is welcoming to anyone.

We invite you to fix these issues and upload your video again for review.

My video is just some exemple of my work (lyric video) and songs… I don’t know what to do or what to change… How can I contact Fiverr for this ? This is the video :

Thanks for your help !

The Oak

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Guest offlinehelpers

I watched the video - there’s somebody pointing a gun in it. Maybe try taking it out?

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