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How to Improve Your Communication with Buyers (and sell more)


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Did you know that the way you communicate with buyers can affect your sales and profitability on Fiverr?

When the communication lines are open between you and your buyers, it can directly affect sales of your business.

In this intensively competitive gig economy, it seems the only way to differentiate yourself from the competition is to ensure you effectively communicate to prospects and buyers how your gigs or services can benefit them. It is the best way to convert prospects into customers.

You need good communication to boost the bottom line of your business as a freelancer.

How do you communicate effectively?

It is wise to use a combination of three forms of communication (verbal, written and body language). For example, you can use a video to explain your services, so buyers can see and hear you. A well-written gig description can help in reaching out to those who need this information in writing.

Next, when customers call your business (i.e they contact you for the first time), ensure you nail your first impression. How do you accomplish this? Just answer the buyer’s requests correctly. It’s that simple

Rather than send an automated response that does nothing but damages your business, take time and write a custom response that answers the buyer’s questions.

And learn to respond fast.

Lastly, after the buyer has purchased your gig, don’t end the communication there. Keep your customers engaged by sharing in your new customer’s excitement. The best way to do this is to reinforce that they’ve made a great decision, and leave them confident in buying from you again.

Remember, a good communication creates a win-win situation. The buyers can benefit from the messages they need to make them aware of your services, and make a purchase, which in turn boosts your sales.

Are you sure you’re communicating well with your buyers?

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