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Communication is the key to success!


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Hello all !!!

This article is specially for sellers.

I am an experienced freelance worker but actually new to Fiverr. I have heard so much about it from my friends, who are working as sellers here, most of them are successful, level sellers. I was really motivated by them so I decided to join Fiverr as a freelance seller.

I opened my account and created my gigs just 2 days back and already I completed my first sale and having conversation with some of the potential buyers/clients.

I recently came to know that many of the sellers are complaining that they are not getting sales. Whereas I got an instant success. What does it mean ? Am I someone special? Extra talented? Lucky?

The answer to all those question is, NO.

I am just a regular seller just like you who abide by the rules, terms of Fiverr and provide decent services. So what differentiated me from other sellers?

It is nothing but my communication skills. Here in Fiverr, most of the buyers use English as their first language to communicate. A majority of them are from USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, CANADA ETC, where English is the first language. So, when they come to Fiverr seeking help from professional freelance workers, they expect to work with not only skilled people, but also smart ones. A lot of the sellers are really skilled, but their communication skill is not up to the mark. One of my buyers responded to my bid after rejecting 15 bids before me, and awarded me the job. Before he accepted my proposal, he just said

“So far you’re the only person I’ve spoken to who can type in proper English”

This is not good as a sellers perspective. If your buyers are rejecting you because you can not communicate properly, this will hurt not only you as a freelance worker, but also Fiverr in the long run. Buyers will be demoralized if they can not make you understand their project properly, how would they expect a good quality delivery then ? This results in bad reviews and quarrels between buyer and seller. Nothing good comes out of it.

So, for sellers, specially for new ones, try to improve your communication skills along with work skills. In the end, your client can offer you the job rejecting someone better than you, if only you can convince him/her that yes, you understood him properly and can deliver him exactly what he wants.

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You say that, but the first thing I see on your gig is this,

" Customer satisfaction is all I care."

No offence but your gig should be close to flawless if you’re preaching about communication skills.

Not to mention you offer a gig written in english and your gig is full of mistakes. I say again, not an attack, just no need to preach when you don’t have a leg to stand on.

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Well, Thank you so much for your opinion. I will take this as a constructive criticism.

But, you didnt get my forum actually. Rather you attacked me with my gigs. I know what I wrote in my gigs. I am fluent in speaking English, and i follow a rather casual tone while communicating with others. But I know how to describe myself and my work. So I know I have a leg to stand on and that is why I am sharing my opinion.

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If you are offering writing gigs you do need to use flawless English and yours has mistakes.

I would love to know why so many who are not native English speakers have writing gigs. People are unaware they make mistakes in their written English it seems.
I don’t want you to get bad reviews and if you sell writing gigs you are bound to. Please understand this is not said to be mean but simply to offer this as a suggestion.
This in your profile is quite to the point: All the courses that I have done did not make me better

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I think it may also be useful to point out that by using the forum, we’re each extending our brand - not only in our use of English - of course a level of relaxation is expected in forum posts.

However, we’re also representing ourselves and our attitudes, manners etc. - we can be judged by potential buyers who are reading the forum, just as much as when they’re viewing our gigs.

How we present ourselves on here is just as important as on our gigs, communicating with buyers etc.

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