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  1. Source I have read this resource several times but to no solution. It says “Inclusion request submitted” will display once you submit. But when you come back to the page after submission the “Inclusion request submitted” disappears and it says “request for inclusion” prompting you to submit afresh. You submit again and the same thing happens. This is where I’m stuck.
  2. Thanks for your input. My site passes all those basic conditions. My main trouble is with the submission process. How do you know that Google actually received your submission and they are reviewing it?
  3. I need help with submitting a news site to Google News. How do you about it? I have tried many times but after submission, Google says ‘submitted’ but when I come back to the same page, it says "submit for inclusion’.There’s very little information out there about how to successfully submit your site to Google News. If you have some insights, please share. Also, are there people offering Google News submission services?
  4. I agree with you that ever since Fiverr began rolling out those new changes it has been frustrating to work as a freelancer here. Working on Fiverr is no longer profitable for an average freelancer. You can go for weeks without getting any sales and even if you promote your gigs and bring in sales from outside Fiverr you’re still faced with the threat of demotion if the things go bad with the order.
  5. I agree with the study. A good mix of negative, neutral and positive reviews helps to showcase legitimacy which is more convincing to a potential buyer.
  6. This doesn’t help at all. CS should say they are refunding the funds to your account! Hope it will be!
  7. The only thing I can add is you may want to consider writing for a specific niche to narrow down your target clients and keep up with the competition. I mean you could position yourself a writer of ebooks in, say, health and nutrition, or technology, productivity etc, then sell yourself as such. Remember freelance writing is a fiercely competitive market and only those writers who adapt quickly or are able to think outside the box will remain standing. All the best!
  8. This is quite informative. But why would somebody do speed up videos like this? What’s the motive behind it?
  9. Wow! This is absolutely crazy. I wouldn’t hesitate to report such a person, but I would dig in to “discover” how they open these multiple accounts and get away with it!
  10. Paul, I heeded to your advice that you gave me some time last year and started to provide my services off Fiverr. There, I find it easy and convenient to work with my clients and build trusting relationships. Payments is instant, and I can communicate with my clients via any channel they want. Those are previledges you don’t find on Fiverr. So this BYOB thing is not idea for me. If anything, I may end up losing my longtime clients to competitors by bringing them here.
  11. Unlike other freelancing platforms, Fiverr doesn’t allow for partial refund
  12. Hang on Queen Bee, take it easy now. 😎 This one ain’t over yet. BTW, OP, CS will tell you to work it out with the customer. They are not a lot of help on these issues, which is why you have to get good at telling then they have a choice between: NoHell No. They say they can’t force the buyer to accept the order so I guess the ball is in my court
  13. I delivered the order as per the gig description and as per the instructions given by the client at the time. Even the CS agreed with me that I delivered what the client wanted. Here’s their message: "Hi there, Thank you for contacting us. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had difficulties with your buyer. I reviewed the order, and I see that you’ve delivered work and modifications per the buyer’s request. However, we cannot force your buyer to accept the order if they have issues with it, so you will need to persuade the buyer to accept your work, or negotiate for an agreement with your buyer. May I recommend that you draw up a list for the buyer, showing that your work has been fully completed in accordance to their initial work requirements, and let us know how the buyer responds? We’re here if you have any further questions or concerns." I am not going to cancel this order. I am ready to take the negative review if that’s what it takes.
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