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5 Quick Tips for Tags


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Find something that differentiates your whiteboard gigs from all the other whiteboard gigs and then think up the tags buyers looking for your specific whiteboard gigs might use to search.
That you’re a newcomer doesn’t mean you don’t have to think for yourself.

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They used to be, but then Search took an arrow to the knee.

I can´t really do lots of tests, for some reason, my gigs tend to disappear for several days after an edit; the last time, my main and only active gig was gone for 7 full days, then I finally contacted CS, so, I don´t like to edit too often, because I don´t like writing tickets.

I do put some thought into the search tags when I set up new gigs or edit gigs though, and it´s certainly a good idea to experiment when you think you´re not getting enough orders. If you do get enough orders, your tags probably are fine as they are and can be left alone. For some gigs, there´s only so many tags that make sense, too. 🙂

I agree with your observations…

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nice tip, would it be good to use for example, “instagram post”, “instagram design”, “instagram flyer”… using the word “instagram” multiple time or just 1 time? what would the optimum for this?

If your gig is expressly for the Instagram niche, I don’t see how using it as often as it makes sense in the different combinations could do any harm. Someone who is looking for a gig specifically for Instagram might well type both “instagram” and “post/design/flyer”.

I forgot how many it is for tags, but there is a character limit, though, so you probably can only use “instagram” together with shorter words like the ones in your example.

I remember I couldn’t use two or three terms I wanted to use because of the limit.

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Guest wp_web_designer

Yes I know that tags are the secret key and if I know to choose them carefully, it will be beneficial for gig seo. I also have used theme after a lot of research but I think I did something wrong because I had created my gigs about one month ago, market my gig to media and I didn’t got enough response or order. Now I am thinking that is free social media marketing really works or I have to go through a paid version.

Also I want to know how to get targeted client? Thank you in advance

great :dancing_women:

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