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  1. Rather to edit gig description again and again just do better and perfect research of tags, title and other essential things while creating gig since edit the gig again and again is most time consuming because when you edit gig, it takes some days to resume it again. Thanks
  2. I have completed 88 orders from a single client on Fiverr, and still, many more are in pipeline. I hope my small experience will be beneficial for others especially newbies. Usually, as an average freelancer, we do jobs for money and our core aim is to earn money and execute projects/orders as soon as possible and that lead the permanent client to one time or temporary client and even cancellation. SO, HERE LET ME SHARE SOME POINTS THAT I DID FOR MY CLIENTS TO MAKE THEM PERMANENT. Always always be honest with your buyer (Consider the buyer's project/job as your own project) Let your client know the reality (There are a lot of things that are doable and not doable, let your client know the exact situation, discuss with them in an appropriate way) Update your buyer time to time while working on a project (buyers love that process) Don't make your buyer fool at any stage (be fair, loyal & sincere buyer start trusting on you and that plays the key role to get more and more orders from same buyer.) Always add some extra value while delivering the order (That also increase the chance to get a tip) Do examination/Analyzation and give some valuable suggestions to your buyer (since every buyer wants to grow their business) Don't approach the buyer outside the system. The above said are the things that can make your one-time buyer into a permanent client. Thanks
  3. Hi Ambreen, I appreciate your suggestions. I did many team, but the remote employee always try to ditch using false statements, I am out side, my mother is in hospital, there is no light in our town, internet getting issue that is why we got very less productivity, also inhouse employee give us prompt response so we can give VIP treatment to our buyers! What you think?
  4. Hello Muslim Mir, Thanks for your detailed response on my thread. I appreciate your suggestions but following are my few concerns. -If we hire people as an interne and train them so what is the guarantee they will not leave us when he got professional training. -Yes the partner is a good way but what capabilities and expertise should the partner have? Thanks
  5. Hi, Fiverr mates hope you all are doing great. I am creating this thread to know the experience and strategies of different senior people/freelancer who has been converted their self from individual to agency based freelancer. As we all know we have only 24 hours in a day and as an individual seller/freelancer we have limited capacity or hours but what if we get orders on continuously based but we have limited hours to accomplish the tasks/projects, so here we always thought to improve our setup. What would be the best strategy to scale up the business, what are the pros and cons, do and don’t, I wish senior will share their journey on how to scale up the business from individual seller to agency based freelancer, where are the hurdles we will get while scaling and how to solve them. Also, advantages and disadvantages of agency, how to deal with the team what should be the professional approach. HERE I WANT TO SHARE MY EXPERIENCE (I TRIED BUT I FAILED, UNFORTUNATELY) -We can rent out the place/office and hire some experts but this way we have a chance to run out of money since employee handling is not an easy task plus office expenses and salaries etc. Please everyone share their thoughts and strategy, the experience of seniors will help indeed! Thanks
  6. Today I got two new features in my profile which are subscription and availability feature and both are really awesome features but I want to know regarding subscription feature more, can anyone explain in detail that how to use this and how buyers use this features. Thank you!
  7. Today I got two new features in my profile which are subscription and availability feature and both are really awesome features but I want to know regarding subscription feature more, can anyone explain in detail that how to use this and how buyers use this features. Thank you!
  8. Yes, indeed these are nice and useful tips. Thanks
  9. My pleasure, Soon will share more valuable knowledge
  10. Here my motive is about just portfolio in description not regarding blog.
  11. Here I am going to explain you how to share portfolio with buyers. This is fact that good and professional portfolio always makes impression in front of buyer and maximum chances to get job. I saw many sellers want to show their portfolio to buyer via description just to show them that they have good enough skills but the issues is they are unaware regarding that, so here let me explain you, seller can show their portfolio via some platforms following are few. I recommended use Flicker in your description as a portfolio though but keep in mind use only portfolio personal information or any graphic that having person info is strictly not allowed. For complete details of allowed URLs you can read fiverr’s official statement. https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/seller-faqs Thanks Regards: Nimra
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