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Ongoing service/support on a gig


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I was thinking last night: “How can I make my gig stand out from the crowd?”

And the thought hit me. What if I offered ongoing support for G Suite, Office 365 or Zoho Mail?

The initial setup of these services is typically just the first hump to get over. If a user doesn’t understand how to set that up, then chances are they will struggle with administering the service as well.

With Fiverr being a one-time contract platform, is this possible? Have any of you done this? What has been your experience with an ongoing agreement?

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I want to know is Email creation spam gig?

No, it is not spam. But it is probably not what you think.

I set up email accounts at web domains that you own through G Suite.

This is not a gig to create a bunch of dummy free email accounts with Gmail. That is against Google’s ToS.

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