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Please help me, i got a problem with my seller


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I had ordered:

Add 35,000+ instagram followers or instagram likes in your instagram account

Date: August 28, 2013


add 35,000+ INSTAGRAM Followers Or Instagram Likes in your Instagram Account 1 3 days $5

EXTRA add 30,000 Extra Instagram Followers or Photo Likes 1 + 1 day $5

EXTRA add 50,000 Extra Instagram Followers Or Photo Likes 1 + 1 day $10

Total $20

But I did not even get the standard offer of 35.000 Instagram Followers/Likes

How do I cancel this order and how do I get my money back?

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Purchasing “likes” or “followers” is a violation of Instagram’s terms, and Fiverr also has a third-party violation for this. Simply put, if you exchange monies for this and Fiverr is aware they will possible suspend your account, or close it down all together.

Please be aware Instagram has a system set up to track unusual follows, and likes. This also does nothing to your better your business/product. It’s just a number. Top news sites and business magazines and prove this is uneffective time and time again. Quality over quantity, always!

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